12 Things only women with freckles understand

So, you have freckles and you dig them… you know, for the most part. Like all features that make us unique, it’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with them. They’re kind of high maintenance and there’s no way to get your makeup right, but they’re what make you stand out amongst your fresh faced friends. All we can do is embrace them, and do our best to deal with these 12 things that will always happen because of them:

1. Your friends use SPF 15. You use SPF 100.

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2. Sometimes you play connect the dots when you’re bored.

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3. You’ve spent many a summer trying to remove them with lemon juice, only to spend two months a year smelling like a side salad for nothing.

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4. You’re always referred to as “cute.” You know, even though you’re a grown-ass woman.

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5. Your BFF is also your dermatologist.

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6. You wear sunscreen… and a long-sleeve shirt… and a hat… just to check the mail.

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7. Your friends come to you for a diagnosis when they think they have skin cancer.

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8. When someone says you have food on your face… but it’s really just your face.

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9. You don’t use makeup brushes to apply foundation so much as a trowel.

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10. That thing where you end up with more freckles than skin.

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11. When someone says, “I have freckles too!” and they point to like, three. So you break their face.

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12. Every nickname you’ve ever been given are also names people give their pets.

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