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14 Signs you might be a hoarder

The beginning of the new year for many of us is a time to take organizing seriously. We check out all the nifty Pinterest tips and SheKnows home organizing tricks then start evaluating, purging and rearranging our possessions to make our life easier. Not you? Is organizing a horrifying endeavor because you have too much stuff? You may have a serious problem. Here are 14 signs you may be a hoarder.

1. One guinea pig just wasn’t enough.

Hoarding guinea pigs

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2. Neither was one sexy pair of shoes (we agree!).

3. Toiletries are a big deal to you and you aren’t afraid to keep amassing them.

4. Your bookshelf is maxed out (and you even have a book on clearing the clutter!).

Hoarding books

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5. Your dog has developed your hoarding habit.

Dog hoarder

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6. So has your cat!

7. Star Wars and Hello Kitty collectibles take up every shelf in your home.

8. Stuff keeps launching out of your over-stuffed closet (if only it were a handsome guy).

Hoarding closet

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9. You worry there may be a peanut butter shortage and stock up.

10. Your cluttered yard is creepy. Really. Creepy.

Hoarder yard

Photo credit: Scott O’Donnell via Flickr

11. You’ll never move because it would prove far too challenging.

12. “I’ll just clean my house.” You’ve never said with any seriousness ever.

Cleaning house

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13. Hoarding in your home isn’t enough. It’s now spilled into your car.

14. You haven’t seen the amazing view from your window in years.

Hoarder bus

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