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4 Easy ways to promote inner well-being

Nancy Houlmont

It’s easy to become so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, work, children’s activities and obligations that we forget to take time out for the most important thing of all: our own inner well-being.


t Trying to find the balance between what needs to be done, versus what has to be done. When life gets hectic, I try to carve out some time for myself and indulge in a little pampering. Some the things that I do include:

1. Schedule “me” time

t Book a mani-pedi or a relaxing massage. Stress goes down and you’ll feel more relaxed. And you’ll look great too. Making yourself a priority helps to increase your self-confidence and happiness.

2. Keep moving

t Go for a walk or head to the gym. Getting your exercise on will increase endorphins and give you a natural, healthy glow. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re engaging in an activity with positive health benefits. If exercise isn’t your thing, look into a yoga class. Renewing yourself in mind, body and spirit helps to achieve inner balance and beauty.

3. Turn your bathroom into your personal spa

t Have an at-home spa night. If you have children, arrange for your partner to watch them for an hour. Light a candle, put your hair up, soak in the tub, put on a face mask and enjoy. There are so many beauty products available now that allow you to duplicate a spa experience at home. Some of these products include sheet masks, exfoliating treatments, hair masks, aromatherapy candles and massage lotions/oils.

4. Healthy skin starts from within!

t The best inner glow comes from being happy and well-balanced. Make sure that you’re practicing good self-care by eating right and drinking eight glasses of water a day. Having beautiful skin, looking and feeling healthy and having a nurturing skincare regimen will help you look and feel your best. That translates into an inner glow that you won’t have to fake… it will be real!

tDisclosure: This post is part of a paid collaboration between SheKnows and Nature’s Bounty®. All opinions are my own.

Image: RelaxingMusic/Flickr

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