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Scientist accepts Nobel Prize in crazy custom gown

If you are ever in the market for an empowering role model for your daughters who also happens to rock it in the fashion department, look no further than May-Britt Moser. On Dec. 10 she accepted her Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine… while wearing a custom-designed dress highlighting her discovery.

The gorgeous blue dress designed by British designer Matthew Hubble featured silver sequins and beads that had been arranged to look just like the grid cells — brain cells — she had discovered. It’s hard not to tear up at the thought of this woman and all the ways she just made moms of girls swoon.

She is smart. So smart she just won a Nobel Prize. She has followed her passion and her brain in every way. She is no one’s arm candy. And yet she is also fun. Clearly. She knows how to take things lightly and find some meaning in something as frivolous as fashion. Kudos to her.

In all seriousness, look at this dress:

It’s gorgeous, right? Fitting and lovely, but also so meaningful. It’s not very often that fashion can play a role like that. When compared to discoveries as important as Dr. Moser’s, fashion seems like nothing. A frivolity. A bit of silliness no one has time to care about. And maybe it is. But Dr. Moser showed exactly how fashion can make a splash. She spoke the language people pay attention to (no matter how sad that might be). She is in a million blogs and newspapers and girl empowerment sites for her discovery, yes. But she’s also there for the way she chose to showcase that discovery.

I’d tell both my girls to be just like her. Find your passion. Then find a way to make people pay attention and listen. She’s a genius. Her dress is amazing. I have a new hero.

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