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Bold new bedroom trends for 2015

Cuddle up kids, 2015 is upon us. And this year, your bedroom is looking to make some serious changes. From the comforter to the door, this year’s trends are all about revving it up in the bedroom.

Quilts and textures

I hate to break it to you, but this year may just be the year that you break up with your beloved duvet. That’s right, the styles and comforts that your grandma loved are making a huge comeback. So, join a quilting club or go through Grandma’s cedar chest to wrap yourself in history, textures and exciting patterns. And if none of those are up your alley, a textured comforter is all the rage. Here are a few of our favorites at Target, Anthropologie and World Market.

Bold color

While neutral will always be a fan favorite when it comes to the bedroom, 2015 is making a bold statement when it comes to color choice in the bedroom. Bright oranges, royal blues, dazzling greens and vibrant pinks are expected to be selling out in the linens section at home decor retailers across the country. If not on the bed, we anticipate even seeing furniture selections in vivid hues.

Planked walls

Just when we thought the rustic trend may be over, planked walls came in and stole our hearts. A modern twist on a classic style that we love, planked walls make one heck of a statement. If you like the trend, but are afraid of the commitment, opt for a plank headboard like this natural beauty.

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The wallpaper trend is coming back full force in 2015 and we’re ready and waiting for it. A wonderful way to add pizazz to the bedroom, wallpaper adds a distinctive twist with half the work. Sure, you could stencil and paint but why when there’s wallpaper around.


Let’s be honest, decorating is hard work. Hours are spent pinning ideas, choosing just the right paint and searching for the perfect throw pillow. In 2015, a lot of people are letting loose on their plans and choosing a bedroom style that’s stress free. A minimalist bedroom is easy to achieve and is literally timeless. Let’s face it folks, white walls will never go out of style.

Statement door

Want to add spice to your bedroom without totally revamping your decor? Go for the statement door. This year, homeowners are opting for a painted master bedroom door, a barnyard slider or the sophisticated look of a French-door glass option. By choosing a door that is unique to your style, you’re sure to make your bedroom feel like a true sanctuary.

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