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13 Cats that wish you’d stop treating them like toys

OK, we admit that dressing up your kitty is über-fun. But should you do it? We’re thinking not, based on these hilarious cats dressed up in silly costumes.

1. If you want to see a panda, go to the zoo

2. Keep the pearls for yourself

3. Hats and scarves may look cute, but they’re really unnecessary

4. Just like a human, kitties do not like receiving sweaters for Christmas

5. Cats don’t need fashion to look good, they can do that all on their lonesome

6. Baby clothes are for babies, not your cat

7. If you love flowers, plant them

8. Kitties and cops don’t mix

9. She will ruin your tutu collection in about .05 second

10. Your cat is completely satisfied with her natural-born hair color

11. Much to your dismay, your cat is not a lion

12. Your cat has no desire to get in touch with her cultural roots

13. Cats and couture do not mix

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