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Lowell goat escapes, becomes overnight sensation

The hunt is on in Lowell, Massachusetts, for one seriously ornery goat that escaped from an area slaughterhouse on Friday and is still roaming the area.

Goats are usually pretty docile, but this is no ordinary goat. It’s spooked and has already lashed out at authorities and eluded capture. Local police are warning people in the area not to try to grab the goat on their own.

The goat story has captured a lot of attention and has already inspired its own Twitter account @TheLowellGoat where people are rooting for the goat’s freedom. In fact, the account already has more than 400 followers.

If the goat, which one Twitter user says is named “Dennis,” gains enough notoriety, do you think it will be enough to spare his life? Apparently, eating goat meat is a thing in African cultures for the new year.
Also, if you happen to have a wealth of goat puns at your disposal, this is your time to shine. Just so you know, GoatPro has already been suggested.

In light of his looming demise, it’s easy to feel for Dennis the Goat, if that really is his name. Is it wrong to root for him against local-area animal control? Probably. But it’s so fun!

Here’s hoping no one gets hurt and that goat justice is served. In the meantime, just follow @TheLowellGoat on Twitter for the latest.

Here’s more from local news station WCVB Channel 5 Boston on the Lowell goat’s escape and failed capture attempt by local police.

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