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Which states googled the craziest stuff in 2014?

It’s been a wacky, wild year and to mark the end of 2014, real estate website Estately has released this cool map of what each state has googled in 2014.

They looked at Google Trends and determined not what each state googled most often, but instead at the stand out differences between each state’s search history to come up with a fascinating look at what search terms were most unique to each.

Some of the results are obvious, like that Idaho was interested in their own Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier captured and released by the Taliban. Others are a little more perplexing. And then there’s sad Delaware and Kansas which had no discernible searches specific to their respective states. Nothing. Are people are still communicating face-to-face in Kansas and Delaware? Maybe they just use Bing.

Here are five states that googled some standout crazy stuff in 2014.

5. Virginia

tucker carlson

Photo credit: Giphy

The top search terms in Virginia include conservative talking head Tucker Carlson, who hasn’t been relevant in years, the terrorist organization Boko Haram, White House security and up-skirt pics. Sounds like a fun Friday night, Virginia.

4. Mississippi


Photo credit: Giphy

Most important to note is that Mississippi loves them some Ciara. In case you aren’t familiar, she’s a pop recording artist who also had a baby this year. In Mississippi, her name (Ciara), “Ciara baby” and “Ciara pregnant” all make the list. “Flappy Bird cheat” was also popular along with real-life cheat and walking Axe Body Spray ad Robin Thicke. Also on the list for the state were wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, Raven Symoné and James Brian Hellwig (the real name of The Ultimate Warrior).

3. Arizona


Photo credit: Giphy

The Grand Canyon State spent its time worrying about immigration, making its top search term “Mexico-United States border.” Residents only took a break from obsessing on border politics to inquire about the stoner-favorite late night show Wilfred. Wait, Wilfred is popular in Arizona? That’s one weird place.

2. New Mexico


Photo credit: Giphy

Zombies. Yep, that’s what New Mexico is worried about. Zombies and the LG G3 phone. That’s quite a combo.

1. Wisconsin

pabst blue ribbon

Photo credit: Giphy

Go home Wisconsin, you’re drunk. If the two things you care about searching for the most are “what is Tinder?” and Pabst Blue Ribbon, it might be time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Is Wisconsin just one, huge frat party? Also, call me the next time you’re having people over. Sounds like fun!

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