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In defense of these 11 lousy Christmas gifts

The LAD Bible, which is read by and appeals to men ages 16 to 30, rolled out a funny Christmas social media hashtag, #WorstChristmasPresentsEver, so their readers could highlight some of the more hilarious and ridiculous gifts they received this year.

And some of them are pretty funny, namely the gag gifts, like the EggBox One, which is essentially an egg carton spray painted to vaguely represent an Xbox.

Or this sarcastic rendition of an Apple MacBook that is pretty genius.

But scrolling through the messages, which mainly feature men complaining like toddlers about the gifts they were given, it starts to get annoying after the first few. I couldn’t help but imagine the love behind the gifts only to have them publicly mocked. I don’t know any of these people and it started to hurt my feelings a little.

Let’s talk. As we get older, Christmas isn’t really about Santa fulfilling our fantasies. Sorry, I know it’s a bummer. For grown-ups, Christmas is really just about hanging out with family and exchanging little tokens of affection.

Some of the demonstrations of Christmas spirit, admittedly, are less appropriate and thought through than others.

But here’s one complainer who couldn’t believe his dad gave him a jar of red cabbage. From ingredients that are hard to find to lumpy zucchini bread baked by aunt Zelda with the shaky hands, food gifts are really common and unless you’re a total ingrate, usually well received. The idea isn’t that you’re supposed to be dazzled by the gift, it’s just a thoughtful memento.

And although a shovel isn’t the sexiest gift imaginable, I’m sure that he really needed it and will put it to good use. Just say “thanks” and find something to shovel.
Alright, maybe there’s no defense for this one.

Goggles in the winter do seem like an odd choice, but swimming is excellent exercise.

I imagine this gift is trying to take care of an ongoing problem with a smidgen of subtlety. Just take the hint.

If a woman was given this gift, it would be no biggie.

And if your little brother gives you a picture of himself, you get excited about it. Ungrateful jerk. Look at that face!

Listen up before you complain about underpants as a gift. Women have had to endure stupid gifts of tight, ill-fitting, painful, humiliating sexy underwear for hundreds of years. The worst part? We have to act like it’s something we actually wanted or will enjoy. Don’t you dare complain about some cotton boxer briefs. Put them on, suck in and take one for the team.

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