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Man tells parents he paid off their mortgage for Christmas (VIDEO)

It’s not every day that a person makes enough money to pay off his family’s mortgage. But this past Christmas, that is exactly what Joe Riquelme did, and he caught the moment he told them on a beautiful, sweet, tear-jerking video.

Riquelme, also known as Joey Trombone, is the founder and CEO of Videoshop, and was able to give his parents an absolutely amazing gift this Christmas. See below:

It’s amazing, right? So beautiful. But it gets even better. He caught the whole thing on video:
No one ever expects their children to do such a thing for them, but it’s pretty amazing to see something like this. This son gives back. As a parent, it’s an important lesson. We reap what we sow.

Are we generous and loving to our children? If so, we will raise generous and loving souls who would do something like this. All we want for our children is to spread their wings and be happy. If they also make a little cash, then all the better. But few of us see child rearing as some kind of loan that needs to be paid back.

That is what makes it so beautiful.

His parents appear to love him no matter what. This was a gift entirely made of love and affection. There was no expectation. His parents hadn’t asked him to do this. He wanted to do it. This is the antidote for all of us who think Christmas is too commercial. This is a gift of love. Sure, it costs money, but it’s worth more than money could ever buy.

I’ll just keep on watching this all year.

Would you pay your parent’s mortgage if you could?

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