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Hackers ruin Christmas with Playstation, Xbox attack

The hacker group Lizard Squad has reportedly taken credit for a Christmas Day DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, leaving gamers across the globe with little option than to actually engage with their friends and family over the holiday.

And gamers are pissed.

Twitter exploded with people all geared up to get their game on over Christmas only to be denied. All of a sudden people are ready for the CIA to fire up their torture program.

Then suddenly, when all seemed lost, digital tycoon Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame. came in with a solution that saved Christmas Day from total disaster.

He reached out directly to the Lizard Squad hackers on Twitter and offered them a good old-fashioned bribe to bring the networks back online.

And like magic, it worked. All it took was a hefty Mega Voucher payment.
And in the aftermath of the attack, Dotcom couldn’t help but gloat a bit.

According to the latest, all systems for Xbox and Playstation are up and running and gamers everywhere are ensconced in the comfort of their gaming world. In the meantime, the Lizard Squad might be in a whole heap of trouble. The group was already wanted by authorities prior to the Christmas Day attack for their suspected involvement in the Sony hack. The group’s Twitter account @LizardSquad has been suspended.

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