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12 Holiday military homecomings to warm your heart

Grab a tissue, because it’s about to get REAL soggy in here.

What better way to celebrate a time of family and love than by watching these amazing military homecoming videos.

1. This mom and dad were recording a message for their son, who they thought was oceans away.
2. “Daddy! Daddy I missed you!” [sobbing intensifies]
3. This teen’s emotions are infectious when her dad surprises her at school
4. The look on his grandmother’s face. Priceless.
5. We absolutely adore this vintage footage of a Vietnam soldier surprising his mother during a Christmas special. Amazing.
6. This military daughter gives her mom the surprise of her life.
7. Ah, the ol’ soldier dressed as Santa trick! Love it.
8. Is there anything sweeter than seeing young kids filled with so much joy?
9. A soldier coming home has the power to light up a room full of people.
10. This young woman is absolutely stunned to see her boyfriend on Christmas morning.
11. This is technically from Thanksgiving but the look on his father’s face is too sweet not to share.
12. A perfectly timed surprise.

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