11 Hilarious footed jammies adults can and should wear

Unless you’re one of those unicorns who actually enjoys winter (pffft!), you have to equip yourself with as many hibernation tools as possible — one of the most crucial being the footie pajama. Not only will they keep you toasty from H2T, but you won’t have to deal with the whole “Where the eff are my slippers?” fiasco anymore. Cha. Ching.

1. Be a (snow)flake

When the weather outside is frightful, these snowflake footed pajamas are delightful. (Snug As A Bug, $75)

Snowflake Footie Pajamas

Image: Snug As A Bug

2. Saw logs in style

They’re called slumberjack footed pajamas — need I say more? (Snug As A Bug, $75)

Slumberjack Footed Pajamas

Image: Snug As A Bug

3. Look pawsitively fabulous

Winter won’t be ruff with these neon puppy paws footed pajamas. (Snug As A Bug, $80)

Paw Prints Footed Pajamas

Image: Snug As A Bug

4. Seeing spots?

These pink-a-dot footed pajamas are spot on for your next slumber party. (Snug As A Bug, $80)

Polka dot footed pajamas

Image: Snug As A Bug

5. Edge it up

These cute skulls hooded fleece footed pajamas are the perfect cozy-yet-edgy combo. (Pajama City, $50)

Cute Skulls footed pajamas

Image: Pajama City

6. Grrr baby!

Walk on the wild side in these leopard pink fleece footed pajamas. (Pajama City, $50)

Pink leopard footed pajamas

Image: Pajama City

7. Spill the beans

Espresso yourself (I’m lame, I know) by cozying up in these coffee lovers fleece footed pajamas. (Pajama City, $36)

Coffee footed pajamas

Image: Pajama City

8. Show some love

Wear your heart on your sleeve in these comfy fleece footed pajamas. (BigFeetPJs.com, $45)

Hearts footed pajamas

Image: BigFeetPJs.com

9. Me. Ow.

Lounge with your fave feline: These Hello Kitty plush footed pajamas will have you purring in no time (well, maybe not literally). (Macy’s, $20)

Hello Kitty Footed Pajamas

Image: Macy’s

10. “Me want cookies”

These Cookie Monster footed pajamas are everything that’s right with the world. (WebUndies.com, $38)

Cookie Monster Footed Pajamas

Image: WebUndies.com

11. And when all else fails…

Go with the zebra footed pajamas that are black and white and warm all over. (See what I did there?) (Target, $20)

Zebra print footed pajamas

Image: Target

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