Sugar cookie foot scrub and 16 other creative gifts in a jar

Dec 22, 2014 at 7:26 a.m. ET

When it comes to gift giving, nothing is more fun than wrapping and receiving handmade gifts from the heart. No matter the season, the most amazing gifts can be made in a simple jar. There's just something beautiful about a homemade creation packaged in a clear, crisp and unique glass jar. Don't you agree?

Funfetti candle and 16 other creative gifts in a jar

I've gathered 17 of the most gorgeous gifts packaged in stunning jars. Not only are the DIY tutorials easy, they are fun and extremely useful for everyone!

1. DIY Funfetti Candle

Image: Beth/BethCakes

This Funfetti Candle is perfect for the sprinkle lovers in your life. Everyone loves a good candle, and this one is especially pretty.

2. Christmas potpourri

Image: Danyelle/Dandee Designs

Who doesn't love the sweet smell of Christmas? This Christmas potpourri is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to curl up on the couch with a new book and enjoy the smells of cinnamon, clove and lemon.

3. Homemade body butter

Homemade Body Butter
Image: Paola Parsons/LoveAndCupcakesBlog

This quintessential Homemade Body Butter tutorial will have dry skin everywhere thanking you.

4. DIY Garbage disposal refreshers

DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Image: Sarah Lipoff/PopSugar

It's a dirty job, but these DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers put a pretty spin on kitchen cleaning. Great for busy moms!

5. Snow-covered Mason jar lantern

Image: Liz/Love Grows Wild

These snow covered Mason jar lanterns make for beautiful decorations and are so simple. Your shabby chic friends will love displaying these in their homes.

6. Vanilla scented tub and tile cleaner

DIY Vanilla Scented Tub and Tile Cleaner

Image: Kelly Dixon/SmartSchoolHouse

Not a fan chemical smells? Try this DIY Vanilla Scented Tub and Tile Cleaner.

7. Homemade laundry soap

DIY Laundry Soap

Image: Liz Marie/LizMarieBlog

This DIY Laundry Soap looks gorgeous in the laundry room plus it smells lovely too.

8. Sugar cookie foot scrub

Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub

Image: Gina/SoLetsHangOut

For scrumptiously sweet and soft feet, try this Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub.

9. Spa in a jar

Spa & Pampering in a Jar

Image: Mallory & Savannah/ClassyClutter

What's better than visiting a spa? Bringing the spa to your home! This Spa & Pampering in a Jar is a gift that keeps on giving.

10. 'Cleans up well' kit for men

Image: Tonia/TheGunnySack

Don't forget that Men love Gifts in a Jar too. This has everything a guy could need.

11. DIY brownie mix

DIY Brownie Mix

Image: Linda Lomelino/Call-Me-Cupcake

Whether it's a cold and cloudy day, or a sunny spring morning, this DIY Brownie Mix is quite possibly one of the best homemade gifts a foodie can receive.

12. Whole wheat chocolate chip pancake mix

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

Image: Kiersten Fase/Ohmyveggies

This Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix is not only healthier, it's prettier than any pancake mix you can buy in stores.

13. Glitter-dipped Mason jars

Image: Lilyshop

This gift actually IS the Mason jar. These glitter-dipped Mason jars make beautiful vases. Or could be filled with pencils and office supplies to add a touch of sparkle to anyone's desk.

14. Housewarming in a jar

Housewarming Gift in a Jar

Image: Julie Blanner/JulieBlanner

Have a friend who just moved into a new place? Welcome them to their new home with this perfect Housewarming Gift in a Jar.

15. Just the marshmallows

Image: Macey Foronda

Only the extra lucky people in the world get Just the Marshmallows.

16. Gift card snow globe

Gift Card Snow Globe

Image: Bree/TheCreativeMama

Want to get super clever with your gift cards this year? Check out this Gift Card inside a Snow Globe. Sure beats putting it inside a card!

17. Hearty bean soup

Hearty Bean Soup Mix

Image: Georgia Johnson/TheComfortOfCooking

With a simple glass jar, you can create this stunning Hearty Bean Soup Mix.