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Makeup artist’s wild looks are one-of-a-kind (PHOTOS)

For those among us who are good with a makeup brush, there is nothing more fun than creating new looks and designs on our faces and bodies. For the rest of us (like me), makeup has always been a confounding thing created mostly to shock and confuse. I mean, seriously, smoky eyes? Who can do that? Now, after seeing the Candy Makeup artist Joyce Spakman’s creations, I feel even more inferior.

Spakman, of Holland, creates looks that are both ethereal and mysterious. Some are terrifying; others are otherworldly. All are just amazing. See this terrifying carnival creation:

In keeping with the theme of the holidays and Christmas coming up, you could also try this beautiful gingerbread house look. I am not sure I’d wear it, but it’s definitely quite striking. Too much?

This one is all about the birds and the bees (and the flowers and the trees). A bird house. In your hair. OMG! Would you ever? I love everything about this look. Who needs a necklace when you can have this:

There really are no words for this. The blood tears are scary, no doubt. But it’s the mouth. The mouth will haunt my nightmares. How does someone even create something like this? I mean I can’t even do my eyebrows! And she makes this true nightmare:

If you liked Alice in Wonderland, you will have mixed feelings on this take on the Queen of Hearts. She is a scary character, so it’s kind of perfect. But this might be a little too much, right?

Love these looks or hate them, no one can deny the talent it takes to create them. Just walking down the makeup aisle is enough to give myself agita and most days I wear none at all. But these looks remind me that there is so much artistry involved in the application of makeup. Sure, it’s a means to make us more “beautiful” on a day-to-day basis. But it can also transform us. It can create illusions and change everything about the way we look.

It’s more powerful than we think.

Would you ever try any of these looks?

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