The most adorable animals 2014 had to offer

We all know of Kim Kardashian’s failed attempts to break the internet. These pets, well, they beat her by a mile. In fact, we’re surprised they’re not the most followed celebrities on Instagram, because they’re totally deserving. Here are 11 animals who killed the cute game this year.

This pair of hamsters who owned your kids’ Christmas photos

This bunny who’s gone a li’l bit country

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This French Bulldog who shares our love for Mondays

This turtle with Olympic dreams

This baby kitty who doesn’t give a…

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This horse who mastered the selfie

This guinea pig with some serious dreams

This trio whose heard one too many nursery rhymes

This English Bulldog who is loving life

This baby kangaroo who deserves a modeling contract

More adorable animals to ga-ga over

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