10 Best femvertisements of 2014

2014 marked a shift in marketing where companies realized that women didn’t need to be pandered to or objectified, and ads that inspired women or empowered them were much more likely to create positive buzz around a product. Welcome to femvertising.

It was a good year for advertising that reflected how women view themselves, their daughters, and the world around them. Women make money. Women spend money. It only makes sense that companies started marketing their goods and services to women who moved beyond the typical advertising tropes of the exhausted housewife or the scantily clad damsel. Here are 10 ads that got femvertising right in 2014.

1. Like A Girl/Always

Director Lauren Greenfield’s brilliant ad for Always captured the spirit of femvertising and sparked conversations among girls all over.

2. Thank you Mom/P&G

For teaching us that “falling only makes us stronger.”

3. Legacy/Dove

Dove reminds us all that self-worth is a legacy we pass on to our daughters.

4. I Will What I Want/Under Armour

Watch how Misty Copeland was told she wasn’t good enough to be a ballerina.

5. Google /Made With Code

Google is determined to engage girls with code.

6. The Big Sister Machine/GoldieBlox

Not only does “GoldieBlox vs. the Big Sister Machine” disrupt the pink aisle, but it sends the message that young girls are more than living dolls.

7. First Moon Party/HelloFlo

HelloFlo sparked conversations around puberty and menstruation that are rarely discussed in typical advertising.

8. Pantene/Sorry Not Sorry

Pantene challenged women to stop apologizing for no reason, and to instead be strong and shine.

9. Mo’ne Davis/Chevrolet

Chevrolet celebrated Mo’ne Davis throwing like a girl, which means at 70 mph.

10. Girls Can/CoverGirl

Here’s hoping we see more femvertising in 2015. It’s about time.

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