FAIL Of The Week: 41 Funny Christmas fails so wrong they're right

Dec 22, 2014 at 1:27 p.m. ET

While we all love the holidays, they can be rife with stress. If you need something extra festive to get you through the next two weeks of family gatherings, consider these hilarious Christmas fails as our gift to you.

1. Holiday greetings!

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/domanda46

These festive pups were simply filled with the Christmas spirit. Who wouldn't hang this Christmas card on their fridge with pride?

2. Christmas shopping crisis averted

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/angelpets

Your search for the perfect stocking stuffer is over, my friend. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bottle of Heinz.

3. Treats with a zing


If Heinz isn't your idea of the perfect stocking stuffer, have no fear — your loved ones will get a jolt of electricity elation when they snack on this AA "stocking stuffer candy."

4. Noel's country cousin has come to town

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/chouck0411

In the slide preparer's defense, it is phonetically pleasing.

5. Shatterproof? Bahahahah-umbug


Where there are four-year-olds, "shatterproof" does not exist. Not even a Christmas miracle could save these ornaments from toddler destruction mode.

6. Oh, oh, oh... it's magic... you know

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/ii_am_pomona__

This cozy throw would be fantastic for that friend in your life that Christmas always seems to creep up on. Or the one who loves circa 1974 music by Scottish pop rock band Pilot.

7. Perhaps it's for one of those upside down trees

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/greenbeanstudios

Perhaps it's a metaphor for how the holidays turn your world upside down. Food for thought, eh?

8. Try not to lose your head over the holidays

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/nchubacca

Thanks to @nchubacca for introducing us to "Nearly Headless Nick's Christmas steed — Nearly Headless Rudolph."

9. Hmm, wonder if he likes waffles?

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/makeupgirl1974

Who needs Elf on the Shelf to keep kids in line? If you want your kids to behave over the holidays, perhaps you should take them to breakfast with satan at their school. That oughta set the tone.

10. What kind of games are they playing?


Ooh, ooh, we love fill in the blank. It's all fun and games until someone _______ your nuts. We're at a loss. Your guess is as good as ours!

11. TWD = The Walking Deer

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/ljheps

Is it a flaw in the design? Open wounds due to exposure? Or is this really a herd of zombie deer coming to spread Christmas cheer (and apocalyptic doom) to your mantel?

12. There's a new reindeer in town

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all? Cervix the... wait, what?

13. Talk about merry and bright


Well, having these little twinklers on your tree would certainly make for an interesting holiday season, if nothing else.

14. You had one job

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/frechles11

Say it with us: spell-check.

15. Santa's sleigh doesn't need horsepower


He has reindeer, after all. Although... these reindeer bear a striking resemblance to their chocolate Easter cousins. Who are we kidding? This is totally bootleg.

16. Oh (no) Christmas tree

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/goddesswithgainz

"Here Comes Santa Claus" would be a seriously unfortunate song choice right now.

17. Father of the year alert


You've got to give this dad points for going the extra mile... literally.

18. Squ-eeeeeek!

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/sydthewyd

If the only creature stirring the night before Christmas is this mouse, we aren't just calling an exterminator — we're calling an exorcist.

19. Do you hear what I hear?


Here's hoping that joyous noise didn't come complete with a manger-like smell. You don't want to spend the next year being known as that girl.

20 . Say hello to the world's weirdest playlist

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/thestanzi

Doth our ears deceive us? Or is Spotify trying to tell us that Michael Bublé gets into the Christmas spirit by listening to the, uh, harmonic sounds of "Mary's Boy Child" by Boney M.?

21. The extra letter comes later

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/glutenfree_sam__lea

Maybe if you buy this tree topper now, the "e" follows later... in the new year. C'mon, it could happen — you just have to believ.

22. Somebody's been hittin' the peppermint schnapps


People are always talking about that special twinkle in Santa's eyes. You don't think he gets it from milk and cookies, do you?

23. Gifting outside of the box

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/villagelarks

Remember that one time when 30,000 people paid $6 a pop for boxes of poop from Cards Against Humanity? Good times.

24. That's what you call a hard-knock Christmas


It's like the Russian roulette of emotions on Christmas morning. Someone's going to need a lot of therapy in the not-so-distant future.

25. Ho, ho, hold up for just one minute

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/hannah_marjory

What a lovely holiday mantel. But maybe, just maybe, this family should consider switching the stocking order next year.

26. Hark the herald, Ted Nugent sings

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/mrtimlarabee

Nothing says Christmas music like '70s hair metal and Ted Nugent's mustache.

27. He knows when you've been bad or good


These neighbors have secured themselves a spot on the nice list for life, but this family will likely wake up to lumps of coal on Christmas morning.

28. It's beginning to look a lot like, um, well...

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/nokidz4me

Consider this a cautionary tale of Christmas lights — beware of illuminating your palm trees.

29. Here's a tradition we've never heard of


Give Mom some credit. Maybe she just wanted to make sure your Christmas is merry and bright. Like, Crayola bright.

30. Someone always takes it too far

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/theslowwizard

Every Christmas party has a pooper. That's why someone invented you, Holiday Pooper.

31. All I want for Christmas is privacy


We're willing to bet this is one kid who wishes he hadn't come home for the holidays.

32. When they say half off, they mean it

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/skwhat

Dear World Market, we would sure love to know why you sold your gift wrap with a peephole this year. What we do not want to know, under any circumstance, is what the peephole was for before we wrapped our presents with it.

33. Sounds like a hard-candy Christmas to us


#Win. Definitely #win.

34. Really?

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/xo.mrs_sara

C'mon, you guys. It might be time to restructure your holiday marketing department.

35. Worst gift ever


On the plus side, if she knows someone named Diane, this has re-gift written all over it.

36. Bad Santa

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/marmaladestationery

Why, Santa — I neva! We're not falling for that old trick... again.

37. Better safe than sorry, eh?


Some traditions stand the test of time. Like, for example, Christmas carols and holiday lights... and the neuroses of a mother.

38. Happy holidays, indeed

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/kripeace

Aww, look at the snowman. Eww, no, wait. Is that a snow boner? Avert, avert.

39. Put it on my tab


This doesn't sound entirely unreasonable, does it? Of course, we'd love to see Dad try to collect on the mile-long list of debts when his kids leave the nest. That would certainly make for a Merry Christmas.

40. That's one way to say it

Christmas Fail

Image: Instagram/kelnewstead

I mean, it's the wrong way, but still. Do you think if you spell it like this it will ensure the recipient a season full of great things? 'Cause that would be super.

41. They may want to keep this under wraps


We're just guessing here, but we're thinking Hallmark's New Year resolution may be something along the lines of, "Hire a new wrapping paper designer."

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