What a gifting Expert wants for Christmas

Dec 19, 2014 at 1:26 p.m. ET

It's better to give than to receive. Or so the saying goes. But I'll admit, as a gifting expert, I spend a lot of time thinking about what to give others, and maybe not enough time thinking about the things I'd love to receive.

So here's a list of a few things I'm asking Santa for this Christmas (hint, hint).

1. New knives

I love to cook. And after a recent trip to my parents' house I realized how much of a difference good knives make for chopping, dicing and prepping.

2. New iPhone case

My poor phone has been dropped, plunged and stepped on more times than I can even count. But somehow I've managed to evade the dreaded cracked screen. I'm chalking that up to always having a good case on it. I love this nautical-inspired one from Case Scenario.

3. Kitchen Aid stand mixer

I live in New York City. I have two inches of counter space. But I don't care anymore! I love to cook and I want a stand mixer. Even if I have to drag it out every time I need it or chop vegetables on my kitchen table, I still want it.

4. Homemade yogurt maker

Since recently completing nutrition school, I've been even more focused on knowing what's in my food and trying to make as much of it at home as possible. I read recently about the Dash (TM) homemade Greek Yogurt maker and how super easy it is to use. I'd love to be making my own and it's a great way to save money, too!

5. Movies

It's cold in NYC! And that means my movie viewing increases exponentially. DVDs and iTunes gift cards would be a great way to ease my guilt about the amount I'm spending on downloads and rentals! Oh, and I'm not afraid to admit it, I love Frozen. I've seen it with my friends' kids and secretly wouldn't mind owning my own copy!

What would you rather do? Give or receive? Share how you give back during the holidays with the hashtag #JustGotJingled!

Disclosure: The post was sponsored by SheKnows and JCPenney. All opinions are my own.

Image: Visit Finland/Flickr