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HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder shares highlights from her stunning home renovation

HGTV star Genevieve Gorder recently finished a massive renovation of her New York City brownstone, combining her original unit with the one next door when it came up for sale. It took over a year, but Gorder took her tiny apartment and turned it into a two-story apartment with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. She sat down with SheKnows to share some decorating tips you can use from her beautiful apartment in your own home.

Tip #1: Mix it up

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Gorder says, “Mix high-end pieces with lower-end finds to give any space contrast and a unique aesthetic.” Got a room you need to fill but not a big budget? Don’t be afraid to set that Ikea coffee table next to the beautiful antique you got from your grandmother.

Tip #2: Tone it down with white

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

When decorating a room that you know could get cluttered, such as an office or a kids’ play room, use white walls and furniture to keep it looking neat and clean.

Tip #3: Keep it bright

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Gorder says, “In rooms that lack natural light, decorate with white and add neutral accents, like gray and gold, to keep it bright.” If you’ve got a dark room in your house, lighten it up with white accents and golds that reflect light.

Tip #4: Put the TV on the wall

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Gorder says, “Mount televisions on the wall. It saves tabletop space and can serve as the centerpiece for a beautiful, eclectic art display.” Even if you have a flatscreen TV, you still need a piece of furniture to put it on, which can use up valuable space. Clear up floor space by anchoring the TV to the wall. Gorder uses the full-motion wall mount from SANUS.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid of dark colors

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Gorder says, “Position decor items against black pieces to make them look more beautiful, dramatic and noticeable.” A black wall in a small room may sound like a bold choice, but just look at how it makes everything else in the room pop.

Tip #6: It’s OK to use big furniture in a small room

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Gorder says, “Use reflective surfaces and oversized furniture wherever possible to make the space look bigger.” Don’t be afraid to use large pieces of furniture in a smaller room; it actually can help make the space look larger.

Tip #7: Mirrors are your friend

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

Have a tiny room in your house? Borrow Gorder’s idea for her bedroom and install a huge mirror to make the room appear bigger. Check out how much more light there is in the room, thanks to the mirror she has above her fireplace.

Tip #8: Have fun with holiday decorating

Genevieve Gorder - HGTV

If you’re worried that your living room is too tiny to fit a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations, think again. Adding festive decorations is the best way to bring happiness and cheer into your home during the holidays.

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