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10 Things only Latina girls understand about beauty

It’s no secret that we Latina girls are pretty obsessed with our beauty. Catch me at the gym without a full face of makeup? I don’t think so! In fact, a study found that we are “significantly more likely” to use many beauty products. Trust me, you don’t even want to see the inside of my (ahem) four drawers of makeup, nail polishes and more.

But I’m not greedy. In fact, I might even have some tips to share. Here are 10 things that only Latina girls know about beauty (and now you do, too!).

1. You don’t leave the house without a manicure.

My mami taught me that I would have to be loca (aka crazy) to leave the house without properly painted nails. A weekly manicure is a requirement, not an option. Whether I do them myself or go to a salon, this is an important rule of beauty.

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2. Frizzy hair products are a must.

No matter what your hair type, frizzy hair doesn’t look good on anyone. Did you know that a Latina actually invented anti-frizz products? Well, it’s no wonder! I don’t go anywhere without first putting a dab of John Frieda Frizz Ease in my hair.

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3. A little (or a lot) of perfume goes a long way.

I’m not the biggest fan of perfume and there are days I forget, but you wouldn’t know it based on the multitude of bottles I have displayed on my vanity table. Whether it’s to the office or out on a date, smelling good is essential.

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4. If you don’t have time, add a red lip.

This one comes straight from my abuelita: if you’re running out of the door because you’re late (for the seven thousandth time), simply grab a bright red lipstick and you’re good to go. I keep one in my bag and at least two in the office at all times.

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5. Get a weekly facial steam for cleaner pores.

Want better pores? Once a week, bring water to a boil, pour it in a bowl and then place your face over it for a steam. I leave my face over the water for about five minutes, then wash it with a cleanser and go about my usual morning facial routine.

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6. Bright colors any season? Yes, please!

Just like with our clothes, bright colors in our makeup are appropriate any season. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I can’t rock a bright pink dress or a lavender eyeshadow. Oh that sparkly teal I have on in February? Just another day.

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7. Cocoa butter works wonders after the beach.

Soft, smooth skin goes a long way and there is never a better time to moisturize than after a full day in the sun. After showers is great, too, but there’s never a better time to break out that cocoa butter (or your body moisturizer of choice) than after the beach.

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8. Trim hair once a month at the full moon.

This might be a bit of an old wives tale, but I believe that trimming my hair on the full moon will help it grow longer and faster. Plus, trimming once a month keeps it healthy, shiny and free of split ends. And don’t we all deathly fear split ends?

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9. When in doubt, do a cat eye.

If it’s time for a night out and you’re lost as to what kind of makeup you should do, go with the cat eye. Always go with the cat eye. Cat eye forever! It might take a little longer in the morning, but you can’t go wrong with this look. Ever.

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10. Moisturize hands and soles of feet with mayo and sugar.

When my hands and feet get super dry (especially in the winter), I like to moisturize with a mixture of mayo and sugar. Why? The mayo provides some fat that easily absorbs and the sugar is great for exfoliating away dead skin. Trust me on this one!

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