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11 Unusual animal friendships that prove true love is blind

Ever wonder if the animal kingdom can all get along in peace? Here are 11 images showing that we all can live in harmony, even animals. These unusual pairings are rare finds and absolutely adorable.

1. Don’t worry, Bambi, if your mom barks a little bit.

dog and deer doeA doe snuggles up to a dog at Rocky Ridge Animal Sanctuary.
Image: WENN

2. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

Lions tiger and bears oh myAmerican Black Bear Baloo, Leo the lion and Bengal tiger Shere Khan hang out at Noah’s Ark zoo in Locust Grove, Georgia.
Image: WENN

3. Never underestimate the power of a stripy friend.

Dog and a Zebra Barcode the Zebra takes a rest with his dog buddy.
Image: WENN

4. The turtle and the hairy dog

og and a turtle Crouton the African Sulcata Tortoise gets some TLC.
Image: WENN

5. Are you my mother?

dog and deerBambi gets a new family.
Image: WENN

6. I can’t believe you outran me! You are such a Cheet-ah!

cheetah and dog Kasi and Mtani live together full time at the park’s Cheetah Run habitat, Busch Gardens Tampa.
Image: WENN

7. Don’t worry friend, I’ve got your baaaaa-ck.

goat and dogJewel the lamb went 18 hours in the freezing cold without milk before he was taken in by the 4-Legged Friends animal sanctuary in rural Bulgaria and “adopted” by Mirka the dog.
Image: WENN

8. But Grandma, your ears are so big!

cat and lynxIn St. Petersburg Zoo a European lynx named Linda now lives with domestic cat Dusja since the little homeless kitten wandered into the lynx’s cage after spotting her food! Upon seeing their friendship flourish, the zoo adopted the kitten and the pair are currently living happily ever after!
Image: WENN

9. Catch me if you can!

dog cheetahAmani the black Labrador and Winspear the cheetah, Dallas Zoo’s unlikely BFF buddies, celebrated their first birthday together in 10 July.
Image: Dallas Zoo/WENN

10. A real-life version of The Fox and The Hound.

fox and the houndTinni the dog and Sniffer the fox met in a Norwegian forest and have been best of friends ever since.
Image: Torgeir Berge/WENN

11. Hungry Hungry Hippo friends

hippo dogsAn orphaned baby hippo named Douglas became fast friends with terriers Molly and Coco.
Image: The Born Free Foundation/WENN

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