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28 Graphic tees that say what women are really thinking

We’re women, which means feeling every emotion at the same time. Sure, it’d be nice to be all male and just let out a grunt that fully expresses how we feel, but it’s not our thang. We’d rather make bold, stylish statements, like wearing a graphic tee that knows exactly what to say:

1. My morning routine

A photo posted by @theteeplanet on

Image credit: theteeplanet/Instagram

2. Too busy being awesome to care

Image credit: monmouthaero/Instagram

3. I will make better mistakes tomorrow

Image credit: harperandharlow/Instagram

4. Goal digger

A photo posted by Hawwa (@reem.hawwa) on

Image credit: reem.hawwa/Instagram

5. Shopping is good for my thighs

A photo posted by Arco Avenue (@arcoavenue) on

Image credit: arcoavenue/Instagram

6. It’s complicated

A photo posted by charl (@charl.otte_) on

Image credit: charl.otte_/Instagram

7. Don’t worry be yoncé

A photo posted by Aniella Leeks (@aniellaleeks) on

Image credit: aniellaleeks/Instagram

8. Haute mess

Image credit: lularoemaryland/Instagram

9. Not photoshopped

Image credit: moondust_and_starglitter/Instagram

10. Love me or leave me alone

A photo posted by politixstudio (@politixstudio) on

Image credit: politixstudio/Instagram

11. High heels high hopes

A photo posted by kelseyjaneb (@kelseyjaneb) on

Image credit: kelseyjaneb/Instagram

12. Save water drink Champagne

Image credit: lilliansoffdl/Instagram

13. More issues than Vogue

A photo posted by Pamela (@kevnpam) on

Image credit: kevnpam/Instagram

14. I can’t keep calm because I have anxiety

A photo posted by nicole.emiko (@nicole.emiko) on

Image credit: nicole.emiko/Instagram

15. When in doubt add glitter

A photo posted by @aerowestwood on

Image credit: aerowestwood/Instagram

16. Actually can’t right now

A photo posted by @meredith_long93 on

Image: meredith_long93/Instagram

17. Sarcasm

Image credit: chestmarked_tees/Instagram

18. I woke up like this

A photo posted by Scarlett Jai (@scarlettjai) on

Image credit: scarlettjai/Instagram

19. Monday checklist

A photo posted by Pearl Lee (@mochapocky) on

Image credit: mochapocky/Instagram

20. Feed me and tell me I’m pretty

Image credit: bottegaclothing/Instagram

21. Will work for shoes

A photo posted by Arco Avenue (@arcoavenue) on

Image credit: arcoavenue/Instagram

22. My wishlist

A photo posted by RiverKwai (@riverkwai) on

Image credit: riverkwai/Instagram

23. Friday is my favorite F word

A photo posted by TEEHEESSSSS (@fionthenghere) on

Image credit: fionthenghere/Instagram

24. Proud supporter

A photo posted by StaciDeal (@stacideal) on

Image credit: stacideal/Instagram

25. I have mixed drinks about feelings

A photo posted by Mindi Meyerer (@honeybee297) on

Image credit: honeybee297/Instagram

26. Not crazy just human

Image credit: undeniablebtq/Instagram

27. Be classy

A photo posted by SASSY QUEEN (@sassy.queen2787) on

Image credit: sassy.queen2787/Instagram

28. My autobiography (for real)

A photo posted by Mindi Meyerer (@honeybee297) on

Image credit: honeybee297/Instagram

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