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How to make lipstick out of crayons (PHOTOS)

Crayons are made from paraffin wax and color pigment. Does that sound similar to something else you know and love? ….lipstick! Don’t waste any time. Here’s how to make your own lipstick from crayons.

First, round up your crayons. If you’re a mom, you might have crayons up the yin yang, but if you’re like me, you might totally relish the opportunity to hit up the children’s art supply aisle. I bought two sets called Neon Dreams and Pink Princess. I mean, with the names alone, how could I resist? The crayon colors looked like lip colors I’d like to wear, with names like Shocking Pink and Hot Magenta.

What you’ll need:

DIY Crayon lipstick: Supplies |

  • 1-3 crayons
  • Heat source (I used a candle but you can use a microwave or double boiler too!)
  • Large metal spoon or ladle
  • Empty container or lipstick tube
  • Coconut oil
  • Stirring stick (a toothpick or fork works well)


1. We need to get our crayons in their birthday suits!

Unwrap the crayons you want to use. I chose crayons whose colors already looked like wearable lip colors on their own.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 1 |

2. Next, break each crayon into about 3 pieces. This will help them to melt faster.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 2 |

3. Place the pieces in a large metal spoon or ladle and hold about 1 inch above your lit candle.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 3 |

Be patient and enjoy the strange pleasure in watching your crayons melt. Am I weird or is this kind of fun?

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 3 |

4. Add coconut oil

When your crayons are good and melty, transfer to a small bowl and immediately stir in 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. If you wait too long and the mixture begins to harden, don’t be afraid to pop that baby into the microwave for 45 seconds.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 4 |

5. Add lipstick mixture into your container of choice

Pour your mixture into a small container, like a clean contact case or sample jar from Sephora, or an empty Chapstick or lipstick tube. If using a lipstick tube, just remember to twist all the way down before filling.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 5 |

6. Now let your lip color harden for an hour or so. You can place in the freezer to speed things up.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 6 |

7. Your DIY lip color is now ready to apply!

DIY Crayon lipstick: Step 7 |

Bonus tips to get creative!

Don’t be afraid to melt some avant garde colors like periwinkle purple or fluorescent orange together. The beauty of crayons is that they come in amazing colors that you don’t find in traditional lipsticks!

DIY Crayon lipstick: Bonus |

A deep burgundy can deepen a pink shade or a peach can tone down a too-bright pink.

DIY Crayon lipstick: Bonus 2 |

If you’re worried this isn’t safe, know that Crayola crayons are non-toxic. Children can, and do, eat crayons and aside from a bad stomachache and some digestive issues, no serious harm is done. You’re good, girl.

DIY Crayon lipstick |

Now have fun because that’s what this project is all about.

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