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14 Times Canada’s weather ruined our lives

We’re fiercely proud of our country, and we get excited at the thought of snuggling by the fire, sipping hot chocolates and the prospect of a proper white Christmas. But sometimes the weather takes it one step too far.

1. The time it flooded our picnic.

2. The time it made getting to work take three times longer than usual.

3. The time it turned our roads into a game of bumper cars, except it wasn’t fun.

4. The time it was so cold we had to dress like Hannibal Lecter.

5.The time even walking in snowshoes didn’t help.

6. The time we almost froze on our walk to work.

7. The time we thought our car got stolen, but it was really just buried in snow.

8. The time an entire waterfall froze.

9. The time we could only communicate via our eyes.

10. The time we couldn’t even find our house.

Blizzard of 1922 - Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

11. The time we had to drive in a lake to get to work.

Toronto Flash Floods June 2013

12. The time the beach was completely ruined.

Sugar Beach in the snow

13. The time our pool froze.

Winnipeg Snow Storm

14. The time our trees turned into blobs.

Snow-covered trees Canada

Image: Pixabay

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