11 Horrible Christmas tree ornaments that shouldn’t exist but do

What makes a Christmas ornament ridiculous? Check out these eyesores, and find out how some ornaments go from cheerful to terrible.

1. Pink flamingos in high heels

flamingo ornament

Image: Ebay

We’re not sure why there’s a Christmas ornament with a pink flamingo, but the fact that they are in gold heels (not actually wearing them) is even more puzzling.

2. Farting Santa

farting santa ornament

Image: Amazon

Taking the image of jolly old Saint Nick and turning him into a disgusting ornament that farts is the very definition of a ridiculous Christmas ornament.

3. Shirtless Santa

shirtless santa ornament

Image: Amazon

What’s worse than making an ornament out of a farting Santa? Why, taking his shirt off and turning him into a sex symbol.

4. Naked Santa

naked santa ornament

Image: Amazon

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than a farting and shirtless Santa, we present naked Santa.

5. Duck Dynasty duck call ornament

duck dynasty ornament

Image: Amazon

Seriously, who would want this ridiculous ornament hanging on their tree?

6. Bacon

bacon ornament

Image: Amazon

Don’t get us wrong — we love bacon as much as the next person. But this ornament is beyond awful. It looks like something a serial killer would want hanging on their tree.

7. Stripper

stripper ornament

Image: Cafepress

The message behind this terrible ornament seems to be, “Nothing says Christmas like a stripper in a thong.”

8. Lederhosen unicorn

lederhosen unicorn ornament

Image: Amazon

There are so many things that baffle the mind about this ornament, it’s hard to know where to begin. We could almost wrap our heads around a unicorn in lederhosen, but why do they have to be pink?

9. The insane horse head

insane horse ornament

Image: Amazon

It may be true that most children would love a pony for Christmas, but if any child saw this thing hanging from their tree, they’d probably run away screaming.

10. Santaur

santaur ornament

Image: Amazon

What is a “Santaur,” you ask? Why, it’s Santa with a horse’s body. The better question would be, who thought of this monstrosity, and what were they drinking when they did?

11. Elk Man on a leash

elk man ornament

Image: Amazon

Apparently it wasn’t just enough for this ornament designer to have an elk with a man’s body. They also had to put him in a suit and have a woman lead him from the ring in his nose. Merry Christmas, one and all.

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