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Sharing a birthday with my dog wasn’t as cool as it seemed on Pinterest

When I signed the adoption paperwork for my dog Rusty, a little squeal of glee escaped me. Not just because I was excited, but because right then and there I discovered he and I shared the same birthday.

He was adopted in the spring, so I had a lot of time to plan how we might celebrate the big day in November. I imagined a grand scheme that included matching sweaters, a staged photo sesh and a co-party at the dog park with all our human and puppy friends. I made a Pinterest board, which made it seem like the whole thing was going to be amazing, but the reality was far less glamorous.

Here’s what happened.

I’m a busy lady, and this year our co-birthday fell on the weekend of Thanksgiving, which ruined all of my elaborate plans. After all of that hype, when the big day rolled around, the best I could do was give Rusty a new squeaky toy. #lame

Of course, I couldn’t forget myself. Birthdays are just like that when you hit a certain age, and so, I splurged on a brand new, relatively expensive but incredibly gorgeous rug. And it made me so, so happy… for a few days.

It’s a long, sad and tragically true story that I’ll spare you the depressing details of — but, yes — just a few days after my rug arrived, Rusty left me a big, big, stinky surprise. Sigh.

I guess that’s what I get for dreaming big, lofty Pinterest dreams. Maybe next year will be better.

Images: Karen Cox for SheKnows

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