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DIY ultra-chic necklace made from common holiday decor

Marlene Sauer

We spend so much of the holidays decorating our homes and perfecting the art of gift wrapping that it can be easy to forget to adorn ourselves. This year, add a festive sparkle to your holiday party outfit with a simple, inexpensive necklace made of a mini ornament and a piece of tinsel!


diy mini ornament necklace: Supplies

  • Clear mini ornaments
  • Tinsel garland
  • Scissors
  • Necklace chain, jump rings and clasp
  • Needle-nose pliers or other small pliers


Step 1:

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: Step1 |

Gently remove the top of the ornament, and cut a small piece of tinsel from your garland. If the fringes of your tinsel are very long, you can trim it down a bit (optional, depending on how “bunched up” you want the tinsel to look inside the ornament).

Step 2:

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: Step 2 |

Pop the piece of tinsel into the ornament. It’s helpful to use small pliers, or even a chopstick or pen, to push the tinsel all the way down and arrange it how you’d like.

Step 3:

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: Step 3 |

Replace the top of the ornament, and thread a length of necklace chain through the hanger loop.

Step 4:

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: Step 4 |

Attach the jump rings and clasp to the ends of the chain using the pliers. And that’s it! Your mini ornament necklace is ready to shine.

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: finished |

If you don’t have tinsel on hand, try filling your ornament with glitter, decorative snow or even a tiny model tree instead.

diy-mini-ornament-necklace-for-the-holidays: finished |

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