7 Pretty winter wreaths you can craft with kids

Dec 11, 2014 at 11:16 a.m. ET

Start the hot cocoa going, because it's time for family winter crafting! As Christmas approaches, everyone is scrambling for the perfect holiday wreath, and here they are: seven kid-friendly Christmas wreaths you can DIY with the whole gang!

1. Peppermint candy wreath

Image: Mindi/My Love 2 Create

You do the gluing, they do the placement, and you've got an assembly line of helpful elves in no time. Make sure to buy extra "materials" with this one, because, with those elves around, you might just lose a few candies along the way!

2. Ribbon bow wreath

Image: Allison/Dream a Little Bigger

Who doesn't love sticking bows to presents? Well, imagine this wreath ring is a hundred tiny presents and you've got to cover every single one! In fact, you might want to buy two rings; this project is just too much fun!

3. Peppermint ribbon wreath

Image: Jessica/Dear Emmeline

Start them off, and watch how your family finishes this easy and amazing ribbon wreath in moments! And with these budget materials, each child can make their own, so that your home will be bursting with Christmas joy!

4. Star stick wreath

Image: Mary Beth/Cupcakes and Crinoline

This two-part project begins with a yard-wide scavenger hunt for bundles of sticks, and ends with some crafting down time. Help your children get the shape they're looking for and add fun, festive embellishments!

5. Wool sock wreath

Image: Virginia/Fynes Designs

For this wreath, while your children are decorating any banner or embellishment for the wreath, you can cut the ring and add the socks. A little bit of family teamwork is a great way to bring in the holiday season!

6. Paper leaf wreath

Image: Vicky/Vicky’s Home

This wreath is excellent for children who love to craft; just let them decorate and cut the leaves, and jump in when it's time to glue them to your wreath ring. If they go off script and create a brand new leaf shape, no worries; your wreath will be unique and your child will be holiday-happy!

7. Rolled page wreath

Image: Susan/Organized 31

Take an old, retired book, and cut out a couple pages for your kids to start working on. As they roll pages up, you start affixing them to the ring. Add an ornament or your own decoration to the center to make your wreath design really pop!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas wreath, make sure to check out our wreaths topic page on Hometalk!