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Watch cops pull off most awesome Christmas prank ever

While across the country police are coming under harsh criticism for the way they interact with citizens, members of the Lowell, Michigan, police force are using their powers to make random people’s holiday dreams come true.

First, a cop pulls someone over for a phony traffic violation. Then the officer engages with the driver and asks them how their Christmas shopping is going. He asks them what their kids want for Christmas. Typically people start talking about all the expensive Xbox wishes and caviar dreams their kids have and how unlikely it is they’ll be getting these extravagant gifts.

While the officer chats up these understandably tense folks waiting for their tickets, a team rushes behind the scenes to buy exactly what the person is most wishing for, and instead of a ticket, they get the Christmas present of their dreams. How’s that for a holiday surprise?
From LEGO sets and electric scooters to gift cards and TV sets, these police officers really know how to shop in a hurry. It’s a remarkable gesture that reminds us that most cops are public servants who really do protect and serve our communities with care and honor.

The prank is part of the #upliftsomeone campaign — an effort to spread happiness — and boy, do these officers deliver. It’s fun to watch the cops enjoy giving the gifts almost more than the shocked recipients. A nice reminder of what the holidays are all about.

Now, excuse me, I need to grab a tissue and find a cop to hug.

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