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14 Things only women with dark arm hair understand

Body hair: We all have it, but some of us just have a more inconvenient strain than others. The absolute worst strain known to womankind is the pale arm/dark arm hair combo (of course, I could just be projecting). But seriously, it’s as if the trials and tribulations of having dark arm hair know no bounds:

1. When you wear a tank top, you feel like Chewbacca.

chewbacca gif

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2. Watches and bangle bracelets get all tangled up in your bizniss.

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3. You’ve tried every body hair removal kit ever created.

no gif

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4. Sweaters equal static, which equals constantly electrocuting yourself.

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5. When you shave it, it grows back 15 seconds later.

screaming gif

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6. And when you shave it, you use nine disposables in the process.

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7. After putting on moisturizer or sunscreen, you have to comb your arm hair back into place.

combing gif

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8. And asking a guy to put sunscreen on you? Not sexy.

zooey gif

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9. Sometimes you catch yourself petting your arm hair.

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10. That thing where people comment on your arm hair as if you haven’t noticed it before.

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11. You’re still traumatized by the waxing incident of 2005.

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12. When your friends brag talk about their super fine body hair, you’re all like…

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13. People constantly ask if you’re Italian… and you say yes.

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14. While your friends are saving for a vacay, you’re saving for a No!No!.

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