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25 Dogs who are getting coal for Christmas

If you’ve come home after a long day of holiday shopping only to find your Christmas tree knocked over and your Elf on the Shelf ripped to shreds, you aren’t alone! We’ve rounded up 25 Christmas dog-shaming pups who are surely on Santa’s naughty list.

1. When you get the kids a bunny for Christmas.

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2. How the Grinch came to be.

3 The real reason Christmas trees need a drink.

4. A dog can never have too many Christmas gifts.

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#dogshaming He's baaaaack and in more trouble

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5. I want to be the only one to light up your life.

6. Why Santa made a nice and naughty list.

7. Let’s bring down the house (or even better, two houses).

8. Mom did not ask Santa for this.

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9. Advent chocolate is not for dogs!

10. Just wait until they realize two Christmas presents have gone missing.

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11. When humans actually catch canine gift stealers.

12. We actually hate Santa.

13. And I really hate Santa.

14. Christmas decor doesn’t stand a furry chance.

15. Because Christmas ornaments aren’t too pretty to eat.

16. The Christmas decorator strikes again.

17. My human crochets too much — so I showed her!

18. The naughty nog dog.

19. The Elf on the Shelf made us do it.

20. We killed that Elf.

21. Christmas canine BOLO Alert!

22. Why me?

23. This is just an intervention for your caffeine addiction.

24. You wanted a white Christmas, right?

25. We just wanted to help you get ready for the guests.

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