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High demand for iconic L.L. Bean duck boots causes shortage

Judging by the fact that record snowfall has already plagued parts of the country and it isn’t even winter yet, you are probably going to freeze your tail off this winter. If you’re considering owning a classic pair of L.L.Bean duck boots to help you get through, then you’re going to have to add your name to the 100,000 who are on a waitlist since the company announced a totally crazy duck boot shortage.

L.L.Bean announced it has already sold out every single pair of size 8 duck boots and that most of its other sizes won’t be back in stock until February. That’s a whole lot of time you’ll have to spend wearing last year’s (who are we kidding — 2005’s) Uggs. But there’s a very good, respectable reason L.L.Bean can’t just quickly pump out a few thousand extra boots to meet their demand — a reason that will make you kick yourself even harder for not snagging a pair of duck boots last summer.

These babies are built to last. Carolyn Beem, the company’s spokesperson, says that perfecting the stitching process on its sturdy boots takes an astounding 26 weeks or “half a year” of training. The great news is that our desire to be fashionable is putting more bread on more folks’ tables, because L.L.Bean has hired new people to create more boots and invested $1 million in a new molding machine to build its high-quality, waterproof, rubber soles.

Isn’t it always sweet when a great product gets the recognition and hysteria it deserves?

But don’t take L.L.Bean’s word for it. Instead, trust one SheKnows staffer who has owned the same pair of duck boots for 20 years and calls them “incredible.” Gazillions of North Easterners and college students who manage to trek from their dorm rooms to parties in 12 inches of snow while looking both practical and chic in their duck boots can’t all be wrong.

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