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9-Year-old ‘supermodel’ threatens sanity of women

In the good ole days, little girls longed to wear their moms’ hats, stockings, heels and lipstick. There was a brief period of time in the ’80s when women pined for Brooke Shields’s 12-year-old eyebrows and Calvin Klein jeans, but she was an anomaly. Vogue was strictly for women; Teen Magazine for girls and never would you mistake the two. Well, all I can say is: RIP sanity. A 9-year-old model dubbed the “most beautiful girl in the world” is threatening to turn us into a nation of Crazy People as legions of adult women yearn for her beauty.

The little girl’s name is Kristina Pimenova. She is originally from Moscow. She’s blonde, absolutely beautiful and photogenic.

It shouldn’t shock anyone, but Kristina’s mother used to be a model, too. This woman knows that the best way to help her daughter gain exposure is through social media, so she has set up both Instagram and Facebook pages that are teeming with photos of her daughter. The majority of the pictures are innocent and sweet. Some feature her wearing knee-high boots. And there are a few I wish didn’t exist, like the ones that show her in a coquettish pose.

We could spend a great deal of time dissecting this mom’s motivations and whether she’s nuts to expose her daughter to potential pedophiles. But there’s one aspect of this story that few seem to be speaking about — forget creepy men for a sec — why are so many adult women following this young model and commenting about her photos?

Comments like these:

“Please punch me.”

“She’s 9 and prettier than both of us combined.”

“It’s sad that a 9-year-old is prettier than me.”

“I want your eyes.”

“She’s sooooo pretty and then there’s me.”

“Prettier than I’ll ever be.”

It isn’t enough that women have to have size C-cup breasts, a Kim Kardashian booty, and Jessica Simpson legs. We now have to allow our bodies to age — but only to the point where they are fertile and muscular in all the right places — while keeping the rest of our features looking just like they did before puberty.

In the meantime, some folks in the fashion industry have also decided it makes sense to pose a child in expensive clothing that only some adult women can afford and expect us to want to buy them because we secretly yearn to be children again. Things have taken such a bizarre turn that a line of pants called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, marketed for the woman who would rather be Sophia Loren than Miley Cyrus, has to exist so that you won’t mistakenly purchase jeans that show off your vagina.

Can we please get a grip here. This little girl is gorgeous, there is no doubt about that. But she should be thought of, first and foremost, as a little girl and not as competition or as a prototype for the “perfect woman,” whatever that means.

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