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9 Apps that help you spy on people and cover your tracks

Full disclosure: Using any one of the following apps to spy on friends, family or lovers could send you straight to whatever hell-like dominion to which your belief system subscribes. It’s wrong is what I’m saying.

If you’re really that worried about your spouse’s online activity, perhaps your time, money and energy would be more productively invested in counseling — or a good attorney.

Similarly, if you need to Jailbreak your iPhone to install privacy software that doesn’t show alerts for certain SMS messages, you might have a much bigger problem on your hands than any software could manage.

But if, dear friends, you are convinced covert ops are your only course of action, here are a few apps that will arm you with enough super-sneaky stuff to gather whatever evidence you need — or dispose of it forever.

1. iBlacklist

phone hack

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This app is serious business for those who want to keep track of their, or someone else’s, phone down to the dirtiest details. iBlacklist requires you to Jailbreak your iPhone, but once installed can let you set up rules for just about every type of interaction.

Want to block every SMS text from a certain someone from showing up on your phone’s home screen? No problem, iBlacklist has you covered. Got a stalker? You can set up the app to pick up and then hang up every call from a certain number or even block unknown contacts from reaching you altogether. If you’re really sneaky, you can install it on someone else’s phone to capture a record of everything that happens on your device.

2. Night Vision Camera

Night vision camera

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In all likelihood, most are commonly used to snap pics in a club. The Night Vision Camera app lets you take pictures and record in the lowest of light or even the dark. While bar selfies are generally pretty tame, a smartphone armed with a night vision camera could be useful in all sorts of sneaky situations. I’ll leave the rest up to you and your imagination.

3. Secret


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Are you sitting on a secret that is burning a hole through your soul? Are you about to burst with the news that you saw your cousin’s husband with a handful of hoochie mamas at dinner last night? Are you secretly planning on packing up and leaving town but don’t want to tell anyone? Tell Secret, the app that lets you anonymously share your deepest, darkest secrets with strangers and watch them go viral.

4. Best Phone Security

Family Guy Stalker

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This handy little app secures your phone from all sorts of would-be snoopers and even snaps a photo of anyone who tries unsuccessfully to unlock your phone. Evidence of the breach is a beautiful thing.

5. Self Destructing Message

self destruct

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This app works with your SMS, WhatsApp or other messaging service to put a timed “self-destruct” option on any message. You set the duration and when time expires, your nekkid selfie or incriminating message will be safely deleted.

6. FaceNiff

facebook spy

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Wondering who the heck your kid is spending all of her time chatting with on Facebook? Not sure about whether your husband’s high school girlfriend has purely platonic intentions? Hack into the Facebook account and history on any device on the same Wi-Fi connection with the FaceNiff app, which allows you to monitor the Facebook activity of any other device sharing the same Wi-Fi network.

7. My Followers on Instagram

Instagram followers

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Ever wondered who unfollowed you on Instagram? How about the sneaky trick of following quickly to scan your snaps and then quickly unfollowing to cover the tracks? No more. With My Followers, which has options for all sorts of social media platforms, you can get a look-see at exactly who is interacting with you online and when.

8. Connect

stalk online

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This app draws a map of everyone in your contacts list to let you know their location and what they’re doing in real time. A great way to keep track of those you love but maybe aren’t sure if they love you back quite as much.

9. Camster!

surveillance camera

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With the paid version of Camster! you can add any camera to a network to be viewed anytime. A nice service if you’re a spouse headed out on a business trip looking to plant a camera to see what’s going on when you’re not home. The free service will only give you access to cameras already on the network.

Here’s more on sneaky apps that could definitely get you into trouble.

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