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I knew I was an adult when I asked for these 10 gifts

When did you realize you were all grown up and your adolescence was a thing of the past? Was it the Christmas you asked for a vacuum because the carpet in your apartment was unrecognizable? What about the year you asked for an ironing board when your accumulating wrinkly shirts didn’t iron themselves? Here’s what some of our readers had to say plus some fun videos to go with each gift.

1. Bed sheets

Bed sheet fail

Photo credit: Woman vs. Bed Sheet via YouTube

“I knew I was adult when I asked for sheets,” says Susan Phillips, awesome wife and mom of three in California. “Sheets are more of a need than a want.”

2. A KitchenAid mixer

Handmixer fail

Photo credit: Hand Mixer Fail/Ted Moskei via YouTube

How many of us felt like our kitchen life would be complete if only we had a stand-up mixer because a hand mixer just wasn’t going to cut it? Eva Burman, super-mom, wife and fit chick from North Dakota says, “I knew I was an adult when I asked for a mixer — a KitchenAid mixer to be exact.”

3. A power drill

Power drill fun

Photo credit: Power drill peeling apple/Handimania via YouTube

Hannah Visser of Montana knew she was no longer a little girl when she asked for a power drill. “I asked my husband for a power drill so that I didn’t have to wait for him to help me hang curtain rods,” the DIY mom of three explains. “In previous years I had asked for beautiful things, but when I asked for a drill I was asking for the tool to make things beautiful on my own.”

4. A blender

Blender fail

Photo credit: Blender Fail/Represent9Lives via YouTube

“I realized that I had arrived into adulthood when I asked my husband for a blender because, for some young wives, it wouldn’t be a romantic gift,” says Kelly Boswell, mom of two and educational consultant from Montana. “I had moved from more sentimental gifts to more wanting more practical gifts.” (Just don’t let other family members use the gift without proper instructions.)

5. An ironing board

Extreme ironing

Photo credit: Extreme Ironing/Andrew Shepherd via YouTube

Don’t you long for the days when Mom ironed all your clothing? There comes a day when we must take up the iron ourselves. Brittany Kesterson, awesome wife and mama from Maryland, says, “I knew I was an adult when I asked for an iron and an ironing board.” And who knows? You may just take up extreme ironing for fun.

6. A garage door opener

Garage door fail

Photo credit: Crashing Through Garage Door/Josh Ausley via YouTube

Wife and mama Tammy S. knew she’d grown up when she asked for garage door openers. “We’d just bought our first house and it was a pain to open the door by hand, back the car out, then get out of the car to close the garage door,” she explains. “My husband’s mom and stepdad gave them to us for Christmas; it was awesome. I felt like I had arrived at adulthood when I just pushed the button and drove out.”

7. A spa day

Fish spa

Photo credit: Fish Spa/BMR Pranks & Fails via YouTube

When you get married and have kids, you realize that being an adult means you have to schedule “me time” and even ask for it. “I knew I was adult when I asked for a gift certificate for a spa and babysitting,” says Damaris Monforton, wife and mom who keeps calm and carries on. (However, we recommend spa treatments that don’t require fish chewing skin off of your feet. Ew!)

8. A gift for the kids instead

Gifts for her

Photo credit: Funny Christmas Gift Ideas/Giovanna Gama via YouTube

Karen Graham, wife and mom from California, realized she was adult when she started using gift money from her grandmother to buy gifts for others. She adds, “As an adult, I knew I didn’t need material items, I just needed the love of family.” Leslie Atkinson of Montana concurs. “I knew I was an adult when I asked for gifts for my kids and not for myself.”

9. Any kitchen gadget, period

The Muppet Chef with kitchen gadgets

Photo credit: The Muppet Chef/The Muppets via YouTube

Katie Thomas asked for a rice cooker. Deb Miller asked for a 17-quart stock pot. Aica Miller asked for a food processor. The happily grown-up wife and mom of three says, “The food processor was confirmation I was an adult because it was when I started asking more for things that were useful and not just a want. However, now I get excited over kitchen gadgets.”

10. Socks — yes, socks

Sock puppet

Photo credit: Sock puppet/RT Recap via YouTube

Whether you wear them, wear through them or use them for sock puppets, you know you’re an adult when you ask for more socks. And, perhaps, other necessary articles of clothing. Noelle Melling, warmly dressed wife and mom of three from Montana, says, “I knew I was an adult when I needed and asked for socks and undies for Christmas.”

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