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The brutal video the Denver Police Department hoped you’d never see

A local Denver news station has received a recovered video of a seven-months-pregnant woman being thrown to the ground by police while her boyfriend, suspected of having drugs, is savagely beaten.

The officers on the scene attempted to destroy the video, according to the man who has come forward with the shocking footage.

Levi Frasier just happened to be in the vicinity last August as he captured the violent incident with his tablet. As the woman, obviously hugely pregnant, approaches officers to plead with them to stop beating the man, she is tripped and falls to the ground, landing on her face and belly. The man shooting the video says he was approached by officers and intimidated into handing over his tablet so the footage could be erased without his consent.
In the video, which Frasier has given to Denver’s Fox 31 News, the officers can clearly be seen pointing at the tablet and heard shouting “Camera! Camera!” to indicate the events were being recorded.

Aside from the woman being thrown to the ground, the video shows the suspect, David Nelson Flores, being held down and punched in the face six times, his head striking the pavement repeatedly.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” the man says the police told him about wanting to make sure the video was deleted.

Once the man got home and synched his tablet with his cloud storage service, he was able to retrieve a copy of the video.

Frasier, who says he used to be a cage fighter, couldn’t believe how violent the incident is adding those were “the hardest punches I’ve ever heard.”

The couple failed to show up for their hearing and is being encouraged to turn themselves in.

So what do you think? Were the police too brutal with the couple? Would you come forward with a video like this?

It seems like possessing drugs shouldn’t warrant being beaten so badly and having your unborn baby injured, right? Or are they at fault for putting themselves and their kid at risk?

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