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Adorable puppy sings ‘Let It Go,’ and we cannot let it go (VIDEO)

While another song plays on the car radio, this puppy is sleeping and not looking particularly engaged. Then “Let It Go” comes on, and this puppy is a regular Idina Menzel in no time.


You guys, the dog is totally moving along in time to the beat! The look of recognition when the puppy realizes his song is playing is one thing, but the way he moves his head around in preparation for his big number and his belting howls are another. Cannot. Handle. It. To be honest, we were just as forlorn as he was when the song changed, and in the interest of full disclosure, we also took a nap to help us deal with it.

Idina Menzel is heading on a world tour next year, and we’re pretty sure this dog should embark (see what I did there?) on this tour with her. The only issue with that is figuring out which one of them will headline and which one of them will be the support act.

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