Steal-worthy Christmas decor ideas

It’s that time of year again! Instead of decking your halls with the same old stuff, take some inspiration from these festive ideas, and add some new decor to your home this year.

Sometimes the best ideas are so simple it seems crazy we didn’t just think of them ourselves. When it comes to Christmas decor, these bloggers have turned those simple ideas into reality, and the results are festive and fun. Save yourself the time it would take you to think of a brilliant Christmas decor idea yourself, and steal these ideas instead.

Switch things up

A garland on the staircase is nothing new, but most people put it on the handrail. This steal-worthy idea looks just as festive — maybe even more so — and you’ll still be able to use the handrail. With the garland sitting on the stairs at the bottom of the rail, you can add heavier items and a bulkier garland to really give your staircase some festive flair.

Think outside the box

If you’re tired of your same old evergreen wreath, then consider making one from an old frame. A few ribbons, bells, ornaments and a coat of paint, and you have your very own custom wreath. Who said wreaths had to be round?

No mantel? No problem.

This adorable idea is brilliant for homes that don’t have a mantel. Even if you do have a mantel, this idea would look cute in an entryway and could double as a coat rack. If you want it to do double duty, then consider painting it with chalkboard paint and using chalk pens to give it a festive Christmas look. Once the holidays are over, you can simply erase it and continue to use it throughout the year for book bags, scarves, dog leashes or whatever else.

Let there be light

If you want your mantel to really be the focal point in your Christmas display, then consider making a project like this one. The large letters and accompanying wreath are festive but simple for a more modern spin on classic Christmas decor.

Make your couch festive

Christmas pillows are adorable, but most people don’t want to spend money on a piece of decor they get to use only for a month. You can make your own for much less, and it will look just as cute. Pick up a plain pillow on sale, and add your own festive spin to it.

Frames that jingle

Who could resist a project that is easy, inexpensive and super cute? You could customize this jingle frame idea to match your decor in a variety of ways. It would also make a great gift for teachers, co-workers or anyone else on your list.

Add some flair to your light fixture

Consider keeping your table decor simple and adding some pizzazz by decorating your light fixture instead. This wreath around the chandelier is elegant and festive, and you won’t have to move it when you fill up the table with food!

Christmas is going to the dogs

Don’t forget about your furry family members this Christmas! These dog bone stockings with their large bows are adorable, and your pup will surely appreciate the gesture.

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