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How to make your home festive when you feel like Scrooge

Let’s face it, the holidays are busy. Between family gatherings, shopping and baking, who has time to decorate? If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, we can help. In fact, you can decorate on a dime with a few key supplies and a little bit of time. No matter what your holiday budget is or what you have on hand, we share some of our favourite Scrooge-approved ways to inject some festive flair into your home.

Candy canes for the win

Candy canes |

When it comes to fast, festive and budget-friendly decor, look no further than the humble yet ever-present candy cane. Put larger ones into hurricane vases filled with cotton, pop smaller ones into jam jars, and line your mantel or windowsills with them. You can also hang them on hooks, glue magnets to them to adorn your fridge or glue small candy canes around dollar store picture frames filled with red and green wrapping paper.

Peppermint candies everywhere

Peppermint candies |

Like candy canes, those classic red-and-white striped candies that come out every Christmas can also be used to decorate in minutes. Fill glass jars of varying sizes with the candies, and group them on various surfaces (coffee table, bathroom counter); place white candles on a tray, and fill in the space around the candles with peppermint candies for a quick and easy centrepiece; or glue candies onto Styrofoam cones for easy, DIY candy Christmas trees.

Incorporate festive scents

AirWick Candle

Nothing says Christmas like the scents we associate with the season. Make your entire home smell festive in seconds with the fragrances that evoke the holidays. We love the AirWick® Enchanted Holiday collection of fragrances, which includes the decadent Frosted Vanilla & Cupcake Delight and the comforting Mrs. Claus’ Apple Pie.

Look to nature to decorate

Nature |

It doesn’t cost a thing to head outdoors to see what Mother Nature has to offer in terms of holiday decor. Everything from pine boughs to winter berries to pine cones can be easily incorporated into your space to give it a seasonal upgrade. Large hurricane vases filled with twigs and pine boughs look lovely in any room; dogwood twigs tied together with white ribbon can also make a seasonal-specific statement; and pine cones offer many ways to decorate. Dip them into gold paint, and either hang them up, create a pine cone garland, or simply fill a large wooden bowl with the golden pine cones.

Incorporate ribbons

Ribbons |

No matter how you use them, ribbons always add a festive touch, especially around the holidays. This season, we love the idea of wrapping them around candles, but you can also wind ribbon around your Christmas tree, tie them on the backs of chairs and use colourful ribbon as napkin holders.

Use seasonal fruits to your advantage

Seasonal fruit |

There’s no easier way to decorate than by using things you already have on hand, and one of those things is likely to be seasonal fruit. All those clementines, pomegranates and cranberries you’ve stocked up on can be put to use to increase the festive cheer in your home. Bowls filled with clementines, cranberry garlands, cranberries as the base for candles in hurricane vases, pomegranates dipped halfway in gold paint and then displayed on the mantel all offer easy ways to decorate with what you already have.

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