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Pins that would take a Christmas miracle to make

Whether it’s lack of patience, lack of skill or simply lack of time, many of the pins that end up on our boards will never actually come to fruition despite our best crafty intentions. Or if they do, they’ll find their way to social media, complete with this descriptive term: #Fail. Christmas pins aren’t immune to this unfortunate reality of Pinterest. Pin away, and keep dreaming that someday you too will be able to make cake balls shaped like Christmas trees. Don’t worry, you’re in good company.

My love-hate relationship with Pinterest only grows stronger during the holiday season. My boards are filled with amazing wreaths made from toilet paper rolls, roasts in the shape of Santa Claus and light displays that would make Clark Griswold jealous. However, you and I both know those crafty feats aren’t achievable for the average person who, you know, has a job, enjoys eating and likes to get at least a few hours of sleep each night. A girl can dream, though, right? There’s no arguing that these Christmas pins are amazing, and in reality, I’m just jealous I’d never actually be able to re-create them.

Ornament tree

Ah yes, the DIY modern Christmas tree. It looks so easy, right? It’s just ornaments and fishing line. Wrong. The reality is a tangled mess and ornaments tied to cylindrical mesh that in no way, shape or form resemble a Christmas tree. Kudos to Not Martha, though, who I am pretty sure is Martha.

DIY Christmas Tree from Not Martha

No-sew ruffled tree skirt

A no-sew Christmas tree skirt sounds like a novice crafter’s dream come true. A little glue gun magic, and bam! You have a DIY skirt that will make other trees jealous. Even the crafter herself admits this took eight hours. I am pretty sure you could sew an entire tree in eight hours. I’d rather spend my eight hours browsing the internet for premade Christmas tree skirts.

DIY No sew Christmas tree skirt from The Thinking Closet

Gingerbread garland

This. Is. Adorable. A gingerbread garland — what’s not to love? I’ll tell you. The reality that my gingerbread would probably look more like burnt blobs than people, and when I try to put a ribbon through them, they’d crumble into tiny gingerbread pieces. Either that, or I’d wake up to a missing garland and two very happy dogs.

Gingerbread garland from Donna Hay

Advent calendar

This Advent calendar actually seems like a relatively simple project — that is, until you realize there are 25 little boxes to not only create but to decorate! And then you have to fill them with stuff! I’ll stick with the paper chain to help me keep track of the days leading up to Christmas.

Advent calendar from Whipper Berry

Gingerbread mug accents

These little gingerbread houses put gingerbread lattes everywhere to shame. What says festive beverage better than a little house teetering on the edge of your mug? Rum. Rum is actually a better choice. Add a splash to your mug instead, and save yourself the torment and frustration of actually getting that tiny house to stay put on your mug.

Gingerbread house on a coffee mug by Not Martha

Cheese snowman

It doesn’t get much cuter than a snowman cheese ball. Food shaped like festive things are my personal favourite items to pin. Here’s the thing: When cheese is involved, people don’t care what it is shaped like. I’m confident mine would more closely resemble a pile of cheese anyway, so I may as well just skip the effort it would take to try to turn cream cheese into Frosty.

Snowman Cheeseball by Crafts a la mode

Wreath cupcakes

There’s something wrong with a cupcake so cute that you don’t want to eat it. You should always, first and foremost, want to eat a cupcake and not just admire it. Save the bows for your gifts, and just slop on that frosting. No one will care that it doesn’t look like a wreath when it is melting in their mouth. That’s the excuse I’m going to use anyway for never being able to make this.

Wreath cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake

Pottery Barn-inspired garland

Save yourself a ton of cash, and make a knock-off Pottery Barn garland instead. It sounds great in theory. However, once you attempt to make this, you’ll have an entirely new appreciation for Pottery Barn’s pricing. In fact, you’ll think it’s a steal, because in less than a minute, you could have ordered it online, and you’d have 56 hours of your life back.

DIY garland by Between Naps on the Porch

Wine cork wreath

OK, I actually love this. Particularly the number of bottles of wine I would have to drink to have enough corks to actually complete this wine cork wreath. If you’re curious, it’s 210 bottles. Let’s just say 215, in case there are any mistakes. On the upside, if you do start drinking all that wine, then maybe you can get enough courage to attempt the projects mentioned above. Cheers!

Wine cork wreath by Wine Folly

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