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How to spike everything on your Christmas menu

To preserve the sanity of people everywhere during the holiday season, I’ve rounded up the best booze-infused recipes. Grab the booze, and start cooking. You’ll thank me later.

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The holidays are filled with family gatherings complete with incessant questions about when you’re going to finally marry that guy you’ve been living in sin with for the past five years or when you’re going to actually start having kids — you’re not getting any younger, you know. All that excitement can only be remedied by one thing: booze. Unfortunately, being in a drunken stupor from mid-December through Jan. 1 isn’t always practical, even if it does seem necessary for survival. That’s where booze-infused food comes in. Sure, the alcohol cooks off and you won’t get a buzz, but just knowing your pie comes with a kick of bourbon will make you feel better. And if you’re the one making it, then you have every excuse to take a swig of whatever it is you are infusing into your recipe. Consider it the adult version of licking the spoon.

Main dishes

Bourbon-glazed ham

Ham will be making its way onto holiday tables everywhere, so make yours stand out with a little bourbon. This pineapple-bourbon butter-glazed ham from Nutmeg Nanny will put your guests into a food coma. This recipe combines everything that is good in the world, including maple syrup, brown sugar, butter and, of course, bourbon.

Bourbon glazed ham

Photo credit: Nutmeg Nanny

Rum-glazed turkey

Let’s face it: By the end of December, most of us have had our fair share of turkey. Kick yours up a notch with rum. The queen of booze-infused recipes, Claire from The Realistic Nutritionist, brings you this beautiful golden bird with just the right amount of rum to make you crave turkey for another few weeks.

Rum glazed turkey recipe

Photo credit: The Realistic Nutritionist


Boozy pomegranate-cranberry sauce

If it weren’t for gravy and cranberry sauce, no one would actually eat turkey. The humble cranberry may get relegated to simply being an accessory on the holiday table, but we all know the generally flavorless and slightly dry bird would be nothing without this tart, festive fruit. This boozy pomegranate-cranberry sauce from The Realistic Nutritionist gets a kick from tequila — yes, tequila. We won’t judge if you “forget” to pass this around the table and instead gobble it down with a spoon.

Pomegranate cranberry sauce

Photo credit: The Realistic Nutritionist

Bacon and bourbon stuffing

We hope you like bourbon, because we are noticing a theme here. This bacon and bourbon stuffing from A Beautiful Mess will instantly become a new favourite. Traditional flavors like thyme and sage are paired with the tartness of apple and the savory decadence of bacon to make this side dish stand out from the rest of the food on the table.

Bourbon and bacon stuffing from A Beautiful Mess

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Asparagus risotto

This asparagus risotto from A Beautiful Mess is what food dreams are made of. It isn’t just delicious — it will look lovely on your table too. Like most risotto recipes, it gets its kick from white wine. Feel free to use this as the perfect excuse to pre-game while you cook. You have to open the bottle anyway, after all.

Asparagus Risotto from A Beautiful Mess

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Brandy, mustard and herb roasted potatoes

Skip the mashed potatoes, and go for these brandy, mustard and herb roasted potatoes from Italicana Kitchen instead. We all know a potato doesn’t have much flavor on its own, and this recipe solves that problem. In fact, you may never want to eat potatoes any other way again.

Brandy roasted potatoes from Italicana Kitchen

Photo credit: Italicana Kitchen


Bourbon-apple hand pies

These little apple pies from Nutmeg Nanny are the perfect size after a huge meal. They’d also be perfect to send home with guests in the event they are too full to eat dessert while they are at your home. Apple pie is a classic, and you can’t go wrong serving one that also includes bourbon.

Bourbon apple pie recipe from Nutmeg Nanny

Photo credit: Nutmeg Nanny

Toasted coconut tiramisu

If you’re tired of the traditional holiday desserts like pumpkin and pecan pie, I’d suggest you try this toasted coconut tiramisu from Nutmeg Nanny. Black rum gives this dessert an extra kick, and the coconut coffee will transport you straight to food heaven. Your guests won’t even miss the pie.

Coconut tiramisu from Nutmeg Nanny

Photo credit: Nutmeg Nanny

Kahlua-pumpkin spice cakes

Consider this your dessert and after-dinner drink in one. These pumpkin spice cakes from Grab a Plate would complete any holiday meal. They’d also be adorable gifts to send home with guests or even to serve at a brunch gathering.

Pumpkin cake

Photo credit: Grab a Plate

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