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Instagrammers we think might actually be Santa Claus

There are your ordinary type of Instagrammers, and then there are the ones who are obsessed with all things Christmas. Let us introduce you to some of the world’s most festive fanatics that are so Christmasy they could be Santa Claus in disguise or at the very least an elf.

The clock is ticking, and the countdown to Santa Claus coming to town is on. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to make this Christmas more magical for your loved ones, you are likely to get some great ideas by following these Instagrammers.

1. christmas__magic

Christmas magic |

It’s one massive Chistmasy countdown, with something for everyone, from snow-filled street scenes catching the essence of the season to cute Christmas craft ideas, open fires and twinkling lights. Just viewing this Christmas collection will warm the cockles of your heart.

2. christmas_ilove

Christmas_ilove |

With 24,000 followers, christmas_ilove is a firm favourite. This Instagrammer promises only the best Christmas photos and features plenty of ambient images and different ideas for decorations.

3. christmasallyear_round

Christmasallyear_round |

Who wouldn’t love to have Christmas all year-round? For your daily Christmas fix all year-round, this is a great place to peruse through 481 photos of all things Christmas. Who would have thought it was possible to love Christmas just as much as Santa Claus?

Our favourite celebrity Christmas Instagrams

4. christmas_inspo

Christmas_inspo |

This is the Instagrammer to follow if you are looking for unique inspiration to take your Christmas decorations up a notch this year. There are lots of great ideas, from snowman cookies to how to decorate living areas.

5. loveechristmas

Loveechristmas |

Relatively undiscovered and new-ish to Instagram, loveechristmas truly deserves to be a stop-off if you want to browse wonderful images of Christmas. It combines elements of the pages listed above: countdowns, twinkling lights, Christmas movies, crafts and fabulous decoration ideas.

6. festive.things

festive.things |

One of the more unique aspects that makes this festive Instagrammer different from the others is the selection of images for diehard Christmas foodies. Your mouth will be watering just from browsing through the images.

7. |

Santa Claus has been depicted in many ways since the 16th century, and is an Instagram account dedicated to photos and illustrations of the jolly guy we know and love.

8. christmas.foods

Christmas.foods |

Looking for fun, festive snacks? These mouth-watering images will have you wanting to whip up a storm in the kitchen. Could it be this page is actually run by Mrs. Claus and this is what Santa comes home to after he’s finished delivering all the presents?

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