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People who are winning at decorating for Christmas

Attention, all Christmas junkies: Big is better, right? And who can sit back and let their neighbours get all the attention? From the obscenely expensive to over-the-top Christmas decorations, these people are the experts in decorating for Christmas.

1. The person who wanted big reindeer

Imagine if these reindeer landed on your roof…

Big reindeer |

2. The person who is a Flintstone fanatic

The entire family will have fun finding their way to the front door when you’ve invited the entire gang from the Flintstones to set up in your front yard.

Flintstone fanatic |

3. The person who thought giant pine cones would be a good idea

There are pine cones, and then there are gigantic, could-fall-from-the-ceiling-and-kill-you pine cones that make gobsmacking Christmas decorations.

Giant pinecones |

4. The person who wanted the biggest electricity bill

Can you imagine how much it costs to power this display every evening?

5. The person who wanted blingy, life-size reindeer

Why not take your living room decorating to the next level with a little sparkle from these almost life-size diamanté reindeer?

6. The person who wanted to get into the Guinness World Records for the largest Christmas tree

Don’t settle for a sprinkle of fairy lights when you have a Christmas tree that dazzles.

Giant tree |

Decorating your first Christmas tree

7. The person who spends a lot of time in the bathroom

One of the most neglected rooms when it comes to decorating is usually the bathroom, but why shouldn’t you have a little tinsel in the toilet?

8. The person who couldn’t make up their mind on what Christmas theme they wanted

These Christmas fanatics have combined everything Christmas related, from nativity scenes to the North Pole in one front yard.

Indecision |

Surprising ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments

9. The person who wants to stand out from the rest

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about singing “Joy to the World” and happy reindeer. Get a little scary with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired decorations.

Night before Christmas |

10. The person who’s always on the move

Why stop at decorating your house? Spread the magic of Christmas by taking your show on the road.

Christmas truck |

11. The people who do it the best

For Christmas inspiration that takes decorating to the next level, no one does it like Disneyland.

Disney |

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