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20 Photos that would make for the best Christmas cards

Each December, families and friends around the world get together for their annual Christmas photo. Not only does it capture a long-lasting memory of that moment in time, but it doubles as a wonderful cover for their Christmas cards. If you’re struggling for inspiration on how to outdo last year’s photo, then check out these unforgettable family photos for ideas.

1. Forget cheese — we’re doing Blue Steel

Get your Zoolander on, and try out your best Blue Steel look. Don’t smile — you’re trying to look fierce.

2. Camouflage yourself as a Christmas tree

Take a leaf from Lady Gaga, and dress up as a Christmas tree.

3. Turn up the temperature

There’s nothing like setting your nana’s pulse racing and letting her get an eyeful of your boyfriend’s manly chest.

4. The purr-fect pose

Cats are part of the family too, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be dressed up in Christmasy outfits and coaxed into posing with you.

5. Everyone loves Santa Claus

No big, happy family photo is complete without a Father Christmas impersonator. Now everyone, smile.

6. Go for the gold

Synchronize a snapshot capturing your children’s achievements.

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7. Wear matching pyjamas

What could possibly be cuter than matching PJs? A spray-on tan?

8. Strike a pose

A little (or a lot of) spiced eggnog may be just the ticket to feeling super comfortable in front of the camera.

9. Dress to impress

Never underestimate the magic of a Christmas-decorated vest to give your photos a festive feel.

10. Prove you’re happy

You might be contemplating divorce, but why should you let that ruin your annual Christmas photo?

11. Be united as one

There’s nothing like a Christmas photo in onesies so show off your solidarity as a couple.

12. The tackier, the better

Nothing says Christmas like matching kitch knitted sweaters.

13. The use of subtle humour

It looks like just another festive sweater — until you look closely at the reindeer ménage à trois.

14. Wear Christmas cardigans in a conga line

Admittedly, it’s a rather short conga line, but this idea for an unforgettable family photo has great potential.

15. Frozen in time

Once you’re obsessed with Frozen, it’s a little hard to let it go. Fans of the Disney movie will want to keep a Christmas card photo like this as a memento for years to come.

16. Au naturel

The kids’ psychotherapy bills will be worth the look on your parents’ faces when you take a leaf out of this family’s book and pose in the nude.

 17. Go for the candid shot

Capture the absolute joy of Christmas on your children’s faces for next year’s card.

18. Be silly

Have a little fun with your family Christmas portraits — after all, it is the silly season.

19. Have fun with Photoshop

Use a photo editing program to add scary monsters, swap heads or turn it into a scene straight from a movie.

20. Capture it creatively

There are no hard and fast rules about taking Christmas photos. You needn’t be in Christmas attire standing by a Christmas tree.

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