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Why Newt Clements is our new favourite Pinner

If all you Pinterest fans out there aren’t following Newt Clements, then you need to do it — now.

Newt Clements on Pinterest
Photo credit: Newt Clements Pinterest

We’re big Pinterest fans, but sometimes even the best fashion pics, inspirational quotes and enticing food recipes can get a little monotonous. We’re always on the hunt for quirky new Pinners to follow, and right now we can’t get enough of Newt Clements.

The Los Angeles-based artist and designer takes icons and motifs from popular culture, and puts his own original stamp on them.

Think Hello Kitty‘s just for kids? Think again.

Best beauty boards on Pinterest

Newt Clements Pinterest Hello Kitty

Hello Bride of Frankenkitten; Hello Marvel Girl Kitty; Hello Kitty the Vampire Slayer

Newt Clements Hello Kitty Pinterest

Hello Catwoman Kitty; Hello Carrie White Kitty; Hello Kitty-800

When did you last have a Happy Meal? Admit it — don’t you sometimes wish your burger and fries came with a toy? These ones are strictly for adults only.

Newt Clements Pinterest Happy Meals

Maleficent Happy Meal; Breaking Bad Happy Meal; Grumpy Cat Happy Meal

Newt Clements Pinterest Happy Meals

True Blood Happy Meal; Nicki Minaj Happy Meal; Twin Peaks Happy Meal

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