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25 Things you can do with the pokey underwire that came out of your bra

Since we now know that bras are our friends, we can buy a whole bucketful of new ones and repurpose the old ones. We even know how you can reuse those pesky underwires!

Rest easy, ladies! The undergarment that aids us to keep the “ladies” in place is not secretly plotting to nurture a disease in our bosom. A recent study performed on 1,500 women and published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, found that there is no correlation between bra wearing and breast cancer risk. Lingerie is yet again safe for strutting.

Per Time magazine, the myth regarding the evils of bra wearing has murky beginnings, with many tracing it back to an inconclusive study conducted in 1991, linking the garment to a higher risk of cancer development. The misunderstanding could have also stemmed from statistic observations between developing countries (with fewer women wearing bras) and North America. Of course, that is also false, since many other factors play a role in increasing one’s likelihood of developing breast cancer.

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So, whip out the old breast holders or go shopping for cute new ones — the world is your oyster. If you do have some old bras lying around with those ghastly underwires poking out in mocking impudence, rip ’em out and repurpose them with our handy suggestions. Some of these may turn out like sinister murder tools of a serial killer, so slap some gold paint and glitter on top for good measure.

1. Darts


2. Binder rings

binder rings

3. Hair sticks

Underwire crafts |

Hair sticks tutorial

4. Fishing hook

fish hooks

5. Oversized paperclips


6. Cocktail stirrers

cocktail stirrers

7. Clay carving tool

Underwire crafts |

Clay carving tool tutorial

8. Napkin rings

metal napkin ring

9. A comb


10. Money clip

metal money clip

11. Pastry blender

pastry blender

12. Jewellery

Underwire crafts |

Jewellery tutorial

13. Ignition coil

ignition coil

14. Shower curtain hooks/rings

metal shower ring

15. Bobby pins

bobby pin

16. Keychain

Underwire crafts |

Keychain tutorial

17. Nail art brush

nail art brush

18. Hipster glasses frames

cat hipster glasses

19. Baseball display stand


20. Jacket clasps

jacket clasps

21. Cage for a canary

bird cage

22. Skewers/Advanced s’more making device

metal skewers

23. Angel Christmas tree topper

Underwire crafts |

Angel Christmas tree topper tutorial

24. Corkscrew


25. Carving fork

carving fork

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