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#ToolsToDetectRapists: Because apparently it’s OK to rape

You can rest easy tonight, knowing there is a nail polish out there that will confirm that the man who handed you that drink at the bar is indeed a rapist. What happened to preventative education?

Hey, ladies, next time we go to get our nails done before a night on the town, let’s slap some date-rape-drug-detecting nail polish on those suckers before slipping on our sexy chastity belt and packing our “anti-pervert” hairy leggings. Everybody in?

The newest invention on the block is a magical nail polish developed by undergraduate students at North Carolina State University that promises to protect you from date rape by detecting drugs like Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB by changing colours. All you have to do is discreetly stir your drink with your finger like a mafia boss and watch for any hue changes. Neat, right?

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Well, yes and no. It is a very thoughtful invention to add to the pile of preventative measures tossed on the market to help women protect themselves from rape, but isn’t the bigger concern the rapists themselves? This new nail polish is fuelling up the ol’ debate again on social media about how women are painted as evil temptresses — whom men are too feeble-minded to resist — and thus, it is their job to protect themselves from unwelcome advances, because “boys will be boys.”

The hashtag #ToolsToDetectRapists is currently floating around the web, poking fun at the various methods aimed to help women avoid rape instead of focusing on the core issue: men without comprehension or respect of boundaries. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age the trembling finger of judgment still falls on the rape victim and not the actual offender, yet here we are. These products lead the public to believe that a victim can be adequately equipped to prevent a rape and is, therefore, at fault for any events that transpire.

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The best method to prevent rape is to deal with the perpetrator through education. Since men are the leading demographic in this crime, we’ll focus on them. Men need to be taught to respect a “no,” to detect when their advances are unwelcome, to respect a woman’s boundaries and to not allow their own wishes to override an uninterested woman’s. Instead of peddling products to “dodge” a rapist, how about we focus on actually eradicating the crime?

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