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8 Lessons we can learn from 9-year-old CEO, Cory Nieves

We are incredibly impressed with 9-year-old Cory Nieves, who owns his own cookie company called Mr. Cory’s Cookies. Cool, right? This kid also happens to dress better than any fashion runway.

If you haven’t been feeling low about yourself, we’ll give you a little boost… into the pit of despair. Meet Cory Nieves — a 9-year-old from Englewood, New Jersey, and CEO of his very own cookie company aptly named Mr. Cory’s Cookies. That’s right, this fella is a CEO.

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While some of us have a hard time motivating ourselves to roll off the couch to vacuum, this 9-year-old kid started a business and dresses so sharply you could cut yourself on his style (oh, snap!). Cory and his adorable Instagram are getting heaps of attention lately, mostly because he is the best-dressed child in all of North America. Or the world. Or even the entire universe.

So, to inject a bit of hope and inspiration into our underachieving lives, here’s what we can learn from this young cookie master. Buckle up, everybody!

1. You’re never too young to chase your dreams

2. Don’t underestimate kids

3. Also, don’t underestimate the power of cookies

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4. Glasses frames make fantastic accessories

5. You’re never too young to look super fly

6. Or wear brogues

7. Looking adorable never hurt anyone

8. We should all be a little more motivated

Now, go on and start your own company, or finally take out the garbage. Just go get things done. What do you think of little Cory? Isn’t he the cutest?

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