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Top 10 signs it’s time to ditch your moisturizer

Sometimes we stick to certain skin care products out of habit because it’s what we’ve always used. But there are times when you need to change things up. We share 10 signs it’s time to give your current moisturizer the boot and replace it with something that works for your skin — not against it.

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You’re breaking out

Sometimes using the wrong moisturizer for your skin type can cause breakouts, either on your face or on your back if we’re talking about body moisturizer. Seeing spots? Then think about trading your current moisturizer for something less heavy.

Your skin is dry

Moisturizer is supposed to moisturize. If it’s not doing its job, then you need to think about replacing it. A good moisturizer is going to improve the texture of your skin by locking in moisture and maintaining an adequate level of hydration.

Your skin is lacklustre

Lacklustre skin is not happy skin, and if your skin isn’t looking its best (meaning soft, supple and bright), then it could mean it’s time to try a new (and ideally, better) moisturizer. Your moisturizer isn’t just for show — it should make a positive, visible impact on your skin.

The season has changed

As the seasons change, so do your skin’s needs. You might find that in the summer you want a moisturizer with a lighter texture, while the winter months might call for something heavier to really help dehydrated skin. Think about what your skin needs from season to season, and choose your moisturizer accordingly.

Your skin is red or irritated

When your skin is red or shows signs of irritation (rash, small bumps, etc.), then it’s trying to tell you that it can’t tolerate what you’re putting on it. Any signs of irritation should be taken seriously, and if the reaction persists, then opt for a different product.

Your skin has changed

As much as it might seem like we’ll always have the same type of skin, as we age, adopt different lifestyle habits or move to different climates, our skin changes. If your skin is now more sensitive than it used to be or dryer than it may have been several years ago, then choose a moisturizer based on your skin now, not on the way your skin used to behave.

You want your moisturizer to do more

Multi-tasking products save time and make it easy to pare down your skin care routine. If you’re starting to feel you want something that does more than just hydrate your skin, then look for a product that also improves tone and texture, that illuminates your skin or that offers ingredients that help contribute to skin health. Five of Jergens®’ moisturizers now contain an illuminating HydraLucence blend, designed to improve skin’s tone, texture and luminosity.

You don’t like the scent or texture

When the scent or texture starts to be all you notice when you use your moisturizer — and not in a good way — it’s probably a good idea to ditch what you’re using and find something new.

You’re not seeing results

If you’re not seeing results from a skin care product after one month (longer for some specialized products, like retinol), it might be time to ditch your current moisturizer and try something new.

You just want a change

It’s OK to get bored of your skin care products. Sometimes you just want to switch things up, and if you’ve been feeling the pull toward a new moisturizer, then we say take the plunge.

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